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Sacha Sernets’s Incredible Music Journey

It’s no secret that music is one of the greatest pleasures we get to experience. The melodies, rhythm, and beats are powerful enough to transform our environment and take us someplace new. The power of music is phenomenal, so those who can create art such as music are indeed some of the most gifted and talented people. Among them is singer and songwriter Sacha Sernets.

From the beginning, Sacha had a deep interest in music. He would stop crying as a baby when music was turned on, and since then, he has always been the loudest singer in the house. Taking his mom’s hairbrush and pretending it was a microphone was a daily thing for Sacha, and then, he would have imaginary concerts. Sacha started to take an interest in music properly in middle school when he attended a music club and impressed the entire room. 

From then on, Sacha started to play the guitar and wrote songs more frequently. While his parents did not approve of his music-orientated lifestyle, Sacha knew deep down that this was it. As he grew up, things became serious, and finally, Sacha told his parents he wanted to be a musician and that college wasn’t going to help him get there. Outraged, Sacha’s parents did not take the situation well, and he was given no support. 

In this moment of need, Sacha turned to his childhood best friend. After opening up to him about the recent tension between his parents, Sacha expected his friend to have his back. However, he was given a lecture on how he should stop seeing the world as a fairytale and that he would never be a successful musician. Out of words and utterly disappointed, Sacha left his hometown of Santa Clara and drove off to Los Angeles. 

The first few months were the toughest in his life, he had to work 2 jobs to pay rent, and he tried to make music; however, no one listened to it. His music career was going nowhere. At the end of the sixth month, when he had exhausted everything, Sacha went to karaoke night with his friends, where he sang his heart out. For one night, he wasn’t trying to impress anyone, nor was he looking for anything. This was when things finally took a turn. 

A music executive visiting the karaoke bar heard his voice, and he was stunned. He continued to listen, and he knew that this guy was born with a gift. Sacha was offered a debut with 5 songs, and if it took off, he would be offered a long-term contract. Of course, his music spoke for itself–Sacha’s singles became some of the most played tracks on Spotify and Apple Music in the local area, and people wanted more. 

As of today, Sacha has signed deals with 4 major record companies and released 3 albums. In the last year alone, he made a staggering $4 million combined from music and merchandise. Sacha’s success is an example of capable musicians achieving greatness, even when everyone else didn’t think they could.