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Robin Kadir: The Swedish DJ Playing Boston Calling and Making Hits in Dubai

After making his professional debut in 2018, Robin Kadir has quickly gained a reputation as Sweden’s hottest hip-hop DJ, playing everywhere from Lollapalooza to Boston Calling

Kadir first got into music as a college kid, teaching himself how to DJ and starting to play local shows. Those local shows quickly stopped being so local once Kadir committed himself to doing music full time. Now he’s a resident DJ at Spy Bar – Stockholm’s most exclusive nightclub – and tours the country whenever restrictions allow. 

DJing inspired an interest in production as well, prompting Kadir to drop his debut single Corazón in 2019, which went on to rack up over 1 million streams its first year. Kadir followed up with Baila in 2020 and Sanka in 2021, the latter of which went on to sell gold in Sweden. 

Though he’s previously stuck to dropping one summer smash a year, Kadir has been doubling-down the production side of his work recently, with his debut album slated for a 2022 release. Working with English and Kurdish-speaking artists in addition to his long-term Swedish collaborators, Kadir is crafting a global sound for any and every party scene. 

Spending several months in Dubai at the beginning of 2021, Kadir is more than familiar with an international audience. While in town he collaborated with local artists, visiting their music video shoots and networking. Linking up with Swedish rapper Jireel as well, Kadir’s UAE visit was in fact where Sanka was conceived; the two young artists recorded the initial track there, adding additional verses from Swedish rappers Macky and A36.

Whether he’s rocking a festival, cooking up hits in the studio or traveling the world, Kadir has a unique artistic competence that’s both versatile and undeniable. We’re very excited to see (and hear!) what he cooks up next.