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Rob Sargsyan is the secret weapon in your favorite celebrity’s makeup arsenal:

The demand for good makeup artists has really gone up in the present date because people value a different kind of outlook and glow that your features get because of a good makeup artist and because of their outstanding efforts into making you look pretty. Actually, a makeup look is not supposed to make you different, it is only supposed to enhance you as an individual and match according to the vibe or the event. However, not every makeup artist is capable of portraying such talents, especially on a wide range of faces and skin tones.

This is the reason why we bring to you Rob Sargsyan, an individual who has been established in the makeup artistry industry for a very long time now, working along with a number of celebrities and also individuals who want to look the best version of themselves. Some of the celebrities that he has worked with are Kim Kardashian, Ashley Graham, Rachel Roy, and a few others. 

Rob is a famous figure and the best makeup artist among the most beautiful people, stars, celebrities and the beautiful young generation. He has created his signature style called the RobGlow look, in which he highlights the face’s natural beauty changing each model into the most beautiful version of themselves. He is famous among both celebrities and regular clients. Rob has been contributing his artistic makeup work for many different shows such as America’s Got Talent, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and WAGS on E and many more. Rob and his team are quite famous among the famous models. They have been taking care of the makeup of models like Daisy Marquez, Shannon McMullen, Veronika Dash and Kelsie Jem Searby.

Rob Sargsyan has been giving quite a lot of competition to other makeup artists around him in Los Angeles especially since his brand FacesByRob has become extremely popular and it has almost established a monopoly because no one can pull off a wedding makeup look like he does. Moreover, he is extremely interactive and has an innovative social media presence on his Instagram account, which has around 30,000 followers. It also brings together other makeup artists who want to learn from him and take up bits of inspiration so that they can also follow the path of a legendary makeup artist like him. 

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