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Rising Music Star JHANGY Shares His Journey in the Industry

You must be prepared to work hard and wait if you want to have good things in life. Success won’t just happen, regardless of what the “gurus” say. If you ask people like rapper JHANGY, they will tell you that consistency and self-discipline are the most important ingredients you need for a breakthrough to come your way. JHANGY’s own life embodies that.

JHANGY discovered his passion at a very young age. He is Nigerian-Korean by birth, and he spent his childhood in Africa listening to Afrobeats and hip-hop music. The latter helped him develop his talents and decide on the career he wanted to pursue later in life. JHANGY was born Jang Emmanuel Chukwudi Sungee, but he adopted his stage name when he got into music.

By the time he was 12, JHANGY already knew how to write good songs. His passion had just grown with time, and he had taught himself how to create meaningful music. Young as he was, JHANGY also had enough experiences to draw inspiration from. He had lost his dad at 8 and learned how to deal with the sadness that accompanied that loss. 

Years later, when JHANGY decided to pursue music fully, he decided to do it differently from others. He enrolled in and graduated from a music producing and sound engineering school. Afterward, he spent time working with other artists, perfecting his craft. He wrote songs for a lot of other artists and improved his songwriting. He also took part in a few street rap competitions and won. 

Music is JHANGY’s medium of making a difference in the world, and he takes that seriously. He puts in a lot of work to create good music for people to listen to and learn from his past life experiences. He shares lessons about love, relationships, loss, and dreams through his music in a way that resonates with a lot of people. 

JHANGY has created and produced 5 tracks over the last few months. These tracks all address different issues in life. They are “Gangstar Love,” “Not Loved,” “Hating,” “Beta 4 Me,” and “Girls Love.” This is just the beginning, and he plans to release more music in the coming months.

In the future, JHANGY plans to explore his talents further. Thanks to his mixed heritage, he is multilingual and speaks 3 Nigerian languages. He can also create music and rap with them. He plans to keep making good music in different languages and reaching an even bigger audience who will love his work. 

Performing live on stage in front of a big crowd is another dream that JHANGY has, and he hopes he will get the chance one day. In the meantime, he will continue trying to attain all the goals he has set for himself and become a better artist. He also hopes he will be a role model to other up-and-coming artists.

To everyone just starting out or planning to pursue a goal, JHANGY’s advice is simple: “Never be scared of trying anything. It’s better to fail than not trying what you love to do.” As his own career proves, no experience is ever lost even if you don’t see the results today.