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REV GUM: The Energy Alternative That Everyone Is Talking About

Recent studies reveal that many people rely on energy drinks to power them through their day. The impact is visible in the fast-growing energy drink market, which is experiencing exponential growth. Numerous brands are coming up, offering competition to traditionally renowned energy drinks. The industry has since become super competitive, with brands scaling their productions to offer consumers top-notch energy solutions to best serve their interests. Among the many brands to recently hit the market is REV GUM, which has got everyone talking. 

REV GUM is the leading alternative energy solution to help you stay caffeinated. It is a product of a renowned CPG brand, manufacturing and distributing innovative energy gum. Founded in Feb 2018, REV GUM has scaled to become a top brand in the energy industry. It is proving to have more uses and benefits over traditional energy drinks. 

For instance, a pack of REV GUM has the same caffeine as six cans of Red Bull. Essentially, Regular Strength REV GUM contains the same energy as a shot of espresso: 60 mg. Extra Strength REV GUM contains the same energy as a double shot of espresso: 100 mg. This is the energy consumers are looking for in an energy product not found in traditional energy drinks. Previous energy gums contained an average of 40 mg of caffeine, which is not much more than a cup of green tea—nobody is drinking that for energy to keep them going throughout the day. 

This is a super value for any energy drink enthusiast. First, it cuts down on the volume you need to boost back your energy. This also ensures it perfectly serves REV GUM’s target market, largely people within the 18–28 age bracket looking for energy for their active lifestyles. This super cool approach led to previous brands in the space being very disconnected from the core user.

To add to its quality, REV GUM is contained in a blister pack allowing for consumers to have one piece at a time. Several of the previous competitors in the space were simply in bags. Once you tore them open, there was no way to reseal the pack, and pieces of gum would spill out in your bag, car, etc.  

Incredibly, REV GUM is highly portable, and you can throw it in your bag to go hiking without taking up any space and having to worry about ice. You can also consume REV GUM while mountain biking, surfing, hiking, kayaking, working, commuting, traveling, or doing any other strenuous outdoor activity, in a far easier way than you can with a traditional energy option.  

To efficiently and effectively conquer the market, REV GUM has a robust 360-degree approach to marketing. This is a unique and prolific approach that no other competitor in the space has utilized that markets on the level consumers are accustomed to. From sampling to full retailer support, they deliver the elements needed to drive traffic to stores that sell REV GUM.

In October, REV GUM went live on Hudson News, and in December, REV GUM is planning to go live in WAWA stores. These solid regional and national chains coming online are solidifying REV GUM’s position in the market.