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Reno Davis: From Rags to a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio in Miami

Lucrative, exciting, and over 3.8 billion dollars worth, the real estate industry is beckoning people from all walks of life to try their luck and skills and build a better life for themselves. The threshold to get involved was always low: there are a lot of resources to learn the art of the craft, and it doesn’t require starting capital. Reno Davis thought the same when he took the real estate route, but he does point out that even though it’s easy to get started, it’s not remotely easy to become the best of the best.

“I chose real estate because I knew three things: going to school wasn’t for me, I didn’t want to work for somebody else my whole life, and you don’t need starting capital to get in,” says Davis. “But when I started my journey to the top of the industry, I realized that I should put in a lot more work than I initially thought. Everyone is trying to be successful in real estate here in Miami, but I was prepared to work when others were sleeping to get ahead.”

Reno Davis is a Miami-based real estate investor running a successful company with several dozen employees and managing a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. But before Davis became one of the most successful and probably best dressed real estate investors in Miami, he used to work as a landscaper just to make ends meet.

“I was only 20 years old, with no real future perspective. I had no degree and no money. So I started to work as a landscaper for around $20 per hour,” says Davis. Even though he loved landscaping, lush life was a calling, and Davis knew deep inside his heart that he had to follow it. “I wanted to ultimately end up working for myself and be my own boss, to earn more and be successful. So that led me to go out and look at self-employment options and business stories. And then, I chose the real estate industry; I saw this huge potential in the market, especially here in Miami, where I live.”

From there on, Reno Davis knew there was no going back; the only way he could go was forward. With that goal in mind, he started putting all his time and energy into learning everything he could about real estate. He was all over YouTube, Google, and social media platforms; any place on the internet that had any bit of information. As Davis explains, all he ever wanted was to figure out how real estate works.

“I took a deep breath and dived into the knowledge pool; I watched videos, and googled strategies and success articles. I sacrificed many nights and missed out on many events, but I had a vision of being the best wholesaler in Miami that kept me going,” he says. “Once I was sure I had a firm grasp on how real estate works, I decided to invest in myself by buying courses off of people.”

And hard-working days and sleepless nights definitely paid off, as Reno Davis can easily afford the luxurious and lush life he has. He often can be seen wearing luxurious high-end fashion creations from Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabanna, and other timeless labels while driving custom-made limited-edition cars. Davis reveals that he spent over $40,000 on his wardrobe, but he points out that it’s not just flaunting as, for him, the way he looks serves a dual purpose.

“You want to be successful to afford certain things in life, right? This is how I express myself and my success. This is what I always wanted, and now that I can afford these things, why should I restrict myself,” says Davis. “But those who want to succeed should remember that they have to stand out from all the competition; it means hard work, persistence, dedication, long days and sleepless nights, but sometimes it also means wearing fancy outfits and driving unique cars.”

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