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How Artist Renato Rivarola Used Spotify Earnings To Give Back To His Community

Renato Rivarola
Renato Rivarola

Meet musician, producer and dreamer Renato Rivarola. He is a talented artist and producer from the US, who has already made music a part of his life.  When it comes to music, Renato Rivarola considers himself to be an inventor. There aren’t many rappers who are willing to experiment with new sounds but Renato Rivarola is one of them. His appreciation of several musical genres has influenced some unusual sounds. He also uses sampling to make music that is considered popular in the modern EDM-Trap scene

Renato Rivarola also believes in making himself better as the days go by. He aspires to improve himself and his music so that one day he will be making music that he can look back at and be proud of. He wants to make a name for himself, not for self-gain, but to pave the way for the new generation of creatives and inspire others around him. The artist understands that bringing himself and his brand to the forefront will need patience, networking, and exhibiting of his abilities.

He says:

You can’t always wait for the inspiration to come. So many times, you are just in the studio playing with sounds until an idea pops up. I think that’s what makes the music creation process magical, and you’ll never know what you end up with unless you experiment.”

Renato Rivarola means business when showcasing loyalty in his craft. His sheer persistence is transparent, and he’s been committed to furthering his brand credibility by pushing content for his music catalogue in 2022.

Despite unprecedented times, Renato Rivarola used this season to harness his craft for the main stage. Renato Rivarola is a surefire act that is quickly seizing attention, and one thing is for sure; he’ll continue to make waves this year.