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Reimagining Real Estate on an Island: Miami’s Matias Alem

South Florida features one of the hottest real estate markets right now. In fact, numerous waterfront communities don’t even have homes available — a previously unheard of scenario. Inventory is reaching historic lows, and Matias Alem, CEO of BRG International, is offering holistic, modern services for the luxury homebuyer and seller to complement market trends.

Alem founded BRG International in 2011 with the objective to cater to the luxury real estate market in South Florida with unparalleled service and expert knowledge. Today it is one of the leading luxury real estate boutique companies in the Sunshine State.

BRG International is not just another real estate brokerage: It is reimagining the use of disappearing space by simply helping clients create new space! When clients can’t find their perfect space, BRG Studio, a sister company which is a full service Architecture office, helps their clients design them. From swanky condos on the beach, to magnificent dream homes on the water, BRG Studio has created incredible projects through Miami.


Born in Brazil, Alem studied Architecture at the University of Miami. He started working in the real estate industry in Miami at an early age, and has over 20 years experience. What makes him unique is his dual experience of Luxury Residential Real Estate Transactions and Architecture and Interior Design, which he says is very relevant in each transaction, specially when dealing with Ultra Luxury Properties. He serves both national and international clientele, which he is passionate about because of his Brazilian heritage.

“I wanted to offer services for every stage of the realty process,” said Alem. “When you have to worry about one less thing because a company you are already working with can take it off your plate, it provides that much peace of mind. That was my goal in founding BRG.”

What BRG Does

BRG International also includes, the architectural sector of the firm as well as BRG Miami Market Report Magazine, which presents focused neighborhood property reports.

BRG International is a one-stop brokerage with construction, property management, architecture, and real estate rolled into one. It specializes in selling, designing, and building homes.

“I wanted to offer an all-inclusive service,” said Alem. “We go above and beyond by offering what I call ‘holistic real estate’. By having a menu of comprehensive services, we can ensure that our clients get a five-star experience with less stress. Each entity under BRG communicates and works with one another to create property industry harmony.”

With the support of their state-of-the-art, in-house architectural studio, BRG International is able to provide expert knowledge, a different point of view for property buyers, and assistance for sellers to prepare their property to maximize sales.

The brokerage specializes in ambitious projects, providing the highest of standards for each endeavor with comprehensive solutions that reflect prestige and utmost quality. BRG International is the real estate brokerage that does everything for a buyer — not just

‘Making Florida Dreams into Realities’, but rather proffering a comprehensive and realistic solution for the modern investor.

BRG works with buyers and sellers, which requires two different approaches. Sellers want exposure while buyers want to pick the correct property that perfectly suits their needs. Alem’s architectural background helps him provide to his buyers by helping them to ‘reimagine’ prospective homes and even make structural changes. The Miami Market Report helps sellers get that much-needed exposure, and Alem is even starting a YouTube series on the different buildings within their markets to create higher visibility.

With a multidisciplinary, luxury real estate brokerage available in the South Florida market, high-end home buyers and sellers in the area have a more well-rounded option for their property needs than ever before.

About Matias Alem

Matias Alem is the founder and CEO of BRG International, a Miami based, multidisciplinary luxury Real Estate Brokerage and development company that specializes in high-end real estate. With over 21 years of experience in Real Estate and over 120 million in sales in 2021 alone, BRG International is one of the leading Luxury Real Estate Boutique Companies in South Florida. Click here to discuss how BRG International can help you reimagine real estate.