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Rebuild Your Confidence with Alessandra Souza and Bellaxan Hair

Hair is an essential part of many people’s lives and can be a fundamental aspect of their confidence and sense of self. Alessandra Souza has always had a passion for helping people to achieve the hair that they have always dreamed of. She knows exactly how life changing it can be for people and prides herself on consistently improving the lives of her customers.

At 17 years old, Alessandra’s journey began. Living in Brazil, she knew that she belonged in the beauty community and felt sure that her innovative methods could have a positive impact on many. Growing up, she was taught fundamental hairstyling skills by her mother.

As she did not have the luxury of visiting the salon frequently, Alessandra took matters into her own hands. She has spent years refining her strategies and has become renowned for her talents in creating wigs, hair extensions, accessories, and more.


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Upon moving to Massachusetts Alessandra faced many challenges, including a language barrier. It was not long, however, until Alessandra’s skills began to speak for themselves. Her gifts as a wig connoisseur were evident and she soon began to gain an avid following. Specialising in expertly crafted lace front wigs, micolink extensions, closures, and so much more, Alessandra gained a reputation as a prominent figure in the hair industry.

As her skills began to transform lives, Alessandra was encouraged to start her own business Bellaxan Hair. In 2000, Bellaxan opened its doors and has since welcomed countless clients. Alessandra’s compassionate nature and genuine commitment to helping people achieve their hair goals has allowed her to build a beautiful community around her.


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As she continues to evolve her techniques and discover new and innovative ways of delivering only the best to her clients, she has become known and loved in the hair community. She is able to stay up to date with current trends while also teaching others how they can pursue their own goals of becoming hair experts.

In staying humble and appreciative of the community around her, Alessandra Souza has emerged as a truly unique hair expert. Her genuine love for what she does and dedication to enhancing her gifts has led her to be recognised as one of the true industry leaders.

The dynamic and trendy hairstyles that she creates exceed the expectations of her clients and provide a truly unique salon experience.

Alessandra Souza

Her online presence has also had an impact on the success of her business and her overall reputation as a hair stylist. In growing her community around the world, Alessandra has become a pioneer for the hair industry. In 2008, Alessandra decided that YouTube was an ideal platform for her to share the skills that she has developed in her time as a hair expert.

Since then, her channel has become a place for hair stylists, hair enthusiasts, and general fans to go for advice on all things hair. With over 80 videos on various different topics, there is something for everyone on Alessandra’s channel.

Her detailed explanations and innovative methods have captured the hearts of people around the world and solidified Alessandra Souza’s place as an industry expert.