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Real Business Owners LLC Podcast Creators Trevor Cowley And Kale Goodman Teach Lessons from Success

“Diversify your portfolio” is a term that is often used here and there. While what it suggests is in fact true, its application is much harder. It can be a challenge to diversify a finance, business, or investments portfolio in today’s world. This is due to the incredible amount of people getting into new markets and industries, giving everyone a run for their money.

Kale Goodman and Trevor Cowley are two entrepreneurs who are among the few people to have successfully been able to diversify their business portfolios. Kale and Trevor are business owners and investors with the eye and the vision that many don’t have. Together, using their strengths, the two of them have been able to not only do well in the business landscape but also start their very own podcast called Real Business Owners LLC.

Kale and Trevor were sales representatives at a call center. At the time, Kale was 20 and Trevor was only 19. It was during this time that they both started their entrepreneurial ventures. At the time, Kale landed a job at a tax accounting company. However, his entrepreneurial side got the best of him, and started a forex side-hustle. Kale lost his high-paying sales job at the tax company when his boss found out about it. Trevor met some shady characters early on in sales that ultimately led him to a 4-year drug addiction that he conquered in 2008. After getting clean, he went back into sales where he and Kale started working together again. Trevor started as a sales rep for Kale and a few years in, Trevor bought in as an owner. Just like any other business journey, they witnessed dark times. They had another partner before Trevor came in who bled their account to an astonishing zero balance. Trevor stepped in and turned things around.  During this time, one of their other partners had to put in $5,000 of his own money so their employees would have enough for the holiday season.

As of now, both Trevor Cowley and Kale Goodman have worked hard to achieve their entrepreneurial badge. Trevor and Kale also work on creating a network of people that they can not only lean on but also get content and business training from.

In the past decade, they have been involved in multiple businesses such as high-ticketing call centers, forex, small businesses that they have funded, and a lot more.

Finally, having gone through rough patches, they both have some wisdom to share. According to Kale, “Money is not everything, and money is not what creates wealth.” He says that you should be open to trying new things and putting yourself out there. He says that most people fear criticism, and that’s why they don’t go ahead with many of their plans.

Trevor says that rather than putting all your focus on money, you should try to focus on the habits of successful people and what will help make an impact. He says that we need to trust the process, and when we succeed, the results of our work will be apparent.

In the coming years, both Trevor and Kale want to bring in speakers that bring value to their journey to fill up rooms of people and create an impact. They also want to work on their new podcast called Real Business Owners LLC. They see their work as a mission to create a movement for good. They want to build companies that do good and leave an impact in the marketplace as well.