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Read the Top Professional Wisdom From Tech Mogul Kieran O’Brien

Most success stories come with numerous life lessons. Successful people have gone through many life hurdles that greatly influenced the person they ultimately became. Most of these people have a lot they can share with others and help others unlock their potential. The good news is that most successful individuals want to tell their stories to impact other people’s lives.

Tech mogul Kieran O’Brien is one of those successful individuals living his dream. The 22-year-old entrepreneur is a renowned digital marketer and car enthusiast, making his mark on the industry. Kieran has been in the business world since 16, starting and scaling numerous ventures into thriving businesses. He started his first company at the same age and scaled it to 6 figures within a year. Kieran’s entrepreneurial skills are equally impressive, having scaled his second company from $0–$1M ARR in under ten months.

A serial entrepreneur with the skills to make every venture he turns to profitable, Keiran created a buzz with his ability to raise over $1M in venture capital for MediaKits, his third company, sourcing the funds from many notable angel investors.

However, being young in an antiquated industry was very challenging for the ambitious entrepreneur. Kieran had to overcome the many challenges on his path to realize success. He effectively conquered any barrier in his way by always listening first and talking second, and bringing a unique point of view to conversations with older industry leaders, so there was always an equal exchange of value.

Through his experiences, Kieran has amassed tons of top professional wisdom that can significantly better your career path. One of his greatest lessons is always ensuring you are the best in whatever you do. He believes in working hard and ensuring you always over-deliver by surpassing expectations. Kieran challenges others to constantly find unique ways to add value to their services or products. To him, it won’t hurt to go the extra mile and do things you aren’t required to do.

Kieran also believes in building an authentic brand or personality that will make you stand out from the crowd. He terms it as one of the strategies for success in a highly competitive business landscape. In addition, Kieran emphasizes how important it is to work hard to safeguard your reputation, as it’s a major factor that contributes towards prosperity in the current social media era.

Some people lack the patience to build something from the bottom up, which is another reason for business failure. The young entrepreneur believes in playing for the long-term and working on trusting the process because “good things take time.” 

“Don’t look for short-term wins or money. Build long-term relationships, long-term value, and avoid shiny objects,” explains Kieran.

Though he strongly believes in technology and modernity, Kieran also wants to teach young people that they can take a less traditional approach and still be successful. One of the things that changed his life was taking a gap year after high school. This was a strategic move that led him to fall in love with business.

 “I’d like to start an organization one day to fund gap years for less fortunate kids post-high school graduation,” says Kieran.