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RBT Distribution – Your Reliable Distribution Partner For Years To Come

RBT Distribution is a two-step warehouse distributor specializing in a wide variety of premium and specialty automotive aftermarket products from industry leading brands at competitive prices. As a two-step WD, they provide dropship services, marketing and data support, and help retailers create their own custom websites.  Their commitment to customer service excellence and their innovative strategies set them apart from the competition and make them a trusted partner for all your automotive, RV, powersports and outdoor needs.

With the launch of their new name and website, RBT Distribution plans to establish itself as a trusted partner and expand its customer base through industry professionals in every field. They take pride in their commitment to providing exceptional customer service and implementing innovative strategies that benefit the brands they represent. Their goal is to help both dealers and retailers sell a wider variety of parts sourced from one company – RBT Distribution. This is accomplished by helping their partners increase sales by providing them lower prices, shorter lead times, and marketing support.

RBT Distribution - Your Reliable Distribution Partner For Years To Come

RBT’s product line allows them to appeal to customers looking for a boutique distributor experience. They guarantee 100% satisfaction and have a proven track record of providing quality service that continually meets customers’ tailored needs. They carefully select the brands and products they choose to offer. They take their selection of dealers and brands in a very serious manner to ensure that target audiences are being catered to.  Their dealers know that when they buy from the RBT portal, they are receiving quality, affordable parts.

In an interview with their CEO, Tanvir Osman, mentions “how important it is for us to understand quality suppliers and the various company cultures we represent.” According to him, “RBT Distribution attaches great importance to both brand image and product selection. We analyze a series of factors that need to meet stringent criteria before deciding to offer a supplier’s product. We have grown tremendously by focusing on niche products that our competitors are unable to offer. Our carefully curated product line appeals to customers who are looking for a unique business experience with a distributor. We have expanded our product line from Automotive to also include RV, Truck, motorcycle, powersport and outdoor gear and accessories.  We do not do business with every company that approaches us, and this has been crucial to our success. Some of our top suppliers include Leer, Bulletproof Hitch, Fobo, Gaither, Evans Coolant, XK glow, Race Gas, Portable winch, just to name a few. We take both our dealer and brand selection very seriously to ensure that we cater to each target audience. The expansion was a result of increasing demands from our constantly growing customer base.

RBT Distribution continues to expand its dealer portal services, supporting new resellers and sharing top performing SKU data. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their team-oriented culture, emphasis on building strong relationships, and commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service.  Their mission is not just to be another distributor but to be a company that places equal value on both suppliers and customers.

With the promise of lower prices, superior customer service and faster lead times, RBT Distribution is committed to helping their dealers and retailers sell a greater variety of parts sourced from one company. They encourage retailers to sell across multiple channels and help them get their own custom websites. They also help capture sales and order data to better understand and grow the dealer’s market share. Their objective is to help as many stores as possible and keep their jobbers up to date on MAP pricing and listing policies. From drop-ship services to providing marketing and data support, RBT Distribution is ready to meet any challenges in order to increase sales for their retailers. They display commitment of the highest level to providing exceptional customer service and innovative strategies that benefit the brands they carry.

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