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R&B Pop Artist Dylan Carbone’s Journey to Success and Struggles

Many people are passionate about what they want to do in life, but very few start when they’re young. Dylan Carbone is one of the few people who started off early—Dylan was only 9 years old when he became an entertainer. Dylan now has dance experience spanning 20 years, and he has also been playing the guitar for a staggering 16 years. Apart from that, Dylan does 6–8 live shows that are scheduled throughout the week.

When starting out, Dylan was under an artist development deal, which made things rather difficult for him. He was often hungry and almost always stressed out. Dylan and his business partner decided to leave and start a record company of their own, Epic Entertainment Records. Starting a company of your own, especially in the music industry, can be extremely challenging, but Dylan had faith and believed in his talent, and eventually, he made it work.

Besides working with Grammy-winning artists such as Play-N-Skillz, Eric Dlux, and Steve Russell, Dylan has also made appearances on Telemundo and MTV. Furthermore, he is also recording at Nicky Jam’s home studio. As the journey continues, Dylan lots forward to the future and is excited about more future collaborations.

When giving advice, Dylan says that you have to be persistent, always try to level up and grow into a better person while enhancing your skills. He also wants to remind everyone that success is indeed built on failure. Dylan’s future plans include traveling around the world touring and winning a Grammy, lots and lots of Grammys.