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Rajesh Jindal the founder of Hindutva Info entrepreneurial journey

Rajesh Jindal a rising entrepreneur from Baddi, Himachal Pradesh is believed to have a knowledge of his own that keeps him running in the market. He was born on 24th July 1975 and was brought up in the beautiful city of Chandigarh. His hobbies are learning new stuff from different people and to write up the content for people and for himself too.

He started his digital journey back in the year 2015 when he opened up a freelancer news portal for people to have free access to current news, it avoided the hoax news article by a special technique on that website. He is now the owner at He exclaims that his main aim to step up in this field is that he wants to prevent people from getting fake news updated and start believing in non-truthful facts. He and his company provides the best and verified news to the readers so that they know what is currently going on throughout the world. It covered various aspects of news like the Local News, the State News, the National News, the International News, the Sports News, the Religious News, Bollywood Industry News and Updates, etc.

Mr. Jindal tells us that he never stopped believing in himself and always believed in hard work, and smart work at the same time. he tells us that these both go hand in hand to survive in this world. He was always supported by his parents, especially by his father who always had his back and guided him through various paths of life and never demotivated him when he was facing the consequences of entering the digital media world. He is also motivated by his readers, his clients, if they showcase their interest in his articles and appreciate them, he is then full of enthusiasm to write up much more beautiful and quality content for them. He has come to a stage where he has taken to new heights and made it the Biggest Online News Media Platform on the Internet today by posting quality and verified content every day.

He also tells us about his favorite sports person which is Mr. Mahindra Singh Dhoni. His dream is to make people happy with his work and never really break down their trust in this brand nor himself. He also believes in the ideology of Work hard until you achieve the achievement you didn’t think about. He also can understand the market and its need. The problems he faces while writing are subjective to him, as he only writes up the real and ugly truth about people which people cannot withstand and they tend to blame him for posting wrong information about them. He started alone with the amount of just 500 bucks and now he is at a stage where he thinks to expand his business overseas.