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Rachel Mitchell

Rachel Mitchell: Business Influence and Social Media with The Superhero Approach  

In the dynamic world of business networking and social media influence, Rachel Mitchell stands out not just as an executive producer and professional network builder,  but with her “superhero approach” that helps build brands for individuals and  businesses. Mitchell has brought over 1.2 million people to convert for brands across  social media platforms like X, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube. Her approach  to transforming executives and entrepreneurs into recognized “thought leaders” is  unique. Her latest newsletter has over 180,000 subscribers and she has become the  go-to person for other business influencers with a notable presence as a top business to-business (B2B) connector.    

Rachel Mitchell started posting and engaging on LinkedIn and on her private Instagram  account in 2020. “I felt like a fish out of water like many people in 2020. Engaging and  sharing posts led to organic growth on my social media profiles. My intention from that  point on was to utilize professional platforms that can improve people’s lives, careers,  and businesses,” says Mitchell as she gets ready to speak on stage at a private event. It  must be noted that Mitchell grew her social media following to over 500,000 followers  within her first year of posting her own content on LinkedIn. She is extremely humble,  but her impact has not gone without notice: She is celebrated on LinkedIn and has been  placed on top influencer lists with other business leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary  Vee), Barbara Corcoran, and Steven Bartlett.  

As Mitchell networked, she discovered that many of the executives she met were  experiencing burnout and looking to transition into roles as keynote speakers and  remote advisors. They saw that professionals who have a large following online were  able to earn substantial incomes without long hours or having to manage the daily  operations or decisions of a corporation. This inspired her to become an advisor for  professionals who wanted more free time and to maximize their earnings. Mitchell has  partnered with several marketing teams who introduce her advisory services to their  clients and who partner with her Elevate Media team to expand their reach across  media platforms.  

From Executive Producer to Social Media Influencer and Advisor  

Before Rachel Mitchell was a social media influencer, she was one of the executive  producers of the “Built in America” TV series and several other productions involving  innovation, sustainability, and health and wellness. After bringing millions of dollars of  brand sponsorship for other executive producers’ TV series and several spin-off series,  she became aware that it was possible to find sponsorship and brands to produce  various genres. 

“After moving from Canada to the USA with a professional work visa, I was entering  boardrooms with people who did not look or think like me. I found a way to make my 

unique background an advantage in male dominated boardrooms. With time, what was  seen as out-of-place evolved into an asset and source of strength. My diverse  experiences, travels, and cultural background have enabled me to perceive brands from  multiple perspectives,” Mitchell explains. This led to her becoming an ambassador for  innovation and an advocate for people owning the rights and royalties to their stories. 

Since 2015, Mitchell prioritized other people’s brands over her own personal brand and  credits. This rare move in the world of production opened many doors for her. Many  people know that “ghostwriters” write for other people. But few people realize that  “ghost-producers” help fund and film TV series and productions for other people as well.  As a “ghost-producer” you do not get credit for producing a film, TV series, or  commercial; but you have direct agreements with the producers to share in the funding  and earnings of a project. 

Mitchell has been helping brands and TV series win through her ability to connect  people. She has helped people get published and produce content, commercials, and  series for airing and streaming on major networks.  

How did Rachel Mitchell become a top strategist and marketing advisor for brand  monetization?  

“As each client became happy with their results, they started to recommend other  people to connect with me. Currently I spend a few hours a day advising individuals and  brands,” Mitchell shares as she reveals her schedule on her phone. 

From Zero to Hero: Rachel’s Visionary Question  

Rachel Mitchell
Rachel Mitchell

Rachel Mitchell‘s journey in the realm of influence began with a pivotal question that she  started posing to her clients for over a decade: “How can I help you get from zero to  hero?” Being a “hero” is not just about individual achievement; it is about empowering a  team, reaching lofty goals, and making a significant impact. This approach has not only  defined Mitchell’s ethos but has also mirrored the narrative of classic superheroes —  saving the day, often from behind-the-scenes.  

Mitchell’s “superhero approach,” was inspired by Marvel comics. The premise of the  Avengers coming together revolves around a group of extraordinary individuals with  unique abilities and skills who unite to combat crises, threats, and dangers that ordinary  humans cannot contend with. Despite their diverse backgrounds, personalities, and  egos, including figures like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Hawkeye, find  common ground in their commitment to protect humanity. Through teamwork, trust, and  sacrifice, they overcome their personal differences to form a strong team. In 2021,  Mitchell was invited to join a peer group comprised of accomplished social media  influencers, each boasting successful business ventures. Within this exclusive circle,  dynamic collaborations with top marketers and agencies across highly competitive  industries flourished. 

By collaborating with diverse individuals, teams, and partners, each influencer can  leverage their unique expertise, perspectives, and networks to innovate and drive  growth more effectively. Collaboration enables them to tap into collective intelligence,  accelerate decision-making, and mitigate blind spots or biases that could impede  progress.   

In the superhero lineup some heroes maintain a degree of anonymity compared to  some of their more iconic counterparts. While characters like Iron Man and Captain  America are widely known to the public, Hawkeye operates more discreetly, often  working behind the scenes as a skilled marksman and tactician. Mitchell is quoted as  saying: “I am more like the Hawkeye of the group. There are members of our team who  are well known for being extroverted like the Iron Man or Captain America characters.  Publicly their focus is on their personal brands for media purposes. I like to share my  network behind-the-scenes to help projects hit their target goals. Together, we  recognize that it is unnecessary to divulge every project we collaborate on. Maintaining  this privacy is vital to safeguarding the integrity of our individual missions and brands.”  

Mitchell is known to choose to focus on results over recognition. 

The Superpower of Connection  

Like a skilled film producer, Mitchell orchestrates the unseen connections that weave  the fabric of success across industries. Her partnership with other top business  influencers underscores a shared superpower: the ability to connect and expand others’  reach. These influencers bring formidable business acumen and media connections to  the table, fostering joint ventures and collaborations that ripple through various niches.    

Mitchell is an advocate for longevity. Her social media handle on Instagram is  @Lady_Longevity because she chose to focus on what improves and increases lives.    

The primary shared need we all experience, regardless of our present health and well being, is the desire for connection. This sense of connection is instrumental in fostering  longevity.” – Rachel Mitchell  

What started as an intention to help people achieve longevity in their health, well-being,  and businesses; has transitioned into legacy building with her superhero approach to  influence.  

The Superhero Approach to Influence  

Mitchell’s methodology can be distilled into a superhero-inspired strategy for social  media and business influence:  

  1. Utilize Your Superpower to Aid Others: Just as superheroes use their unique abilities for the greater good, Mitchell and her network harness their connectivity and industry  knowledge to uplift others.  
  1. Collaborate with Fellow “Heroes”: The power of alliance is a common thread in superhero tales. Similarly, by joining forces with like-minded influencers, Mitchell  multiplies the impact of their work, benefiting a broader audience.  
  1. Maintain Anonymity and Honor Those You Serve: True to the noble ethos of many superheroes, Rachel Mitchell focuses the spotlight on the results and the people they  serve, rather than on her own persona.  

Impact and Influence Beyond Social Media  

Rachel Mitchell
Rachel Mitchell

Rachel Mitchell’s foundation is grounded in the principle of the Golden Rule, which  encourages treating others as you would like to be treated yourself. This ethical  guideline emphasizes empathy, compassion, and reciprocity in human interactions,  serving as a foundation for moral conduct across various cultures and religions. It  encourages individuals to consider the impact of their actions on others and to strive for  fairness, kindness, and respect in their dealings with fellow human beings. “People can  benefit from more examples of social media profiles that are built on a strong foundation  of following the rules of each platform and respecting others,” explains Mitchell.  

In an era where social media can often feel superficial, Rachel Mitchell’s superhero  approach brings depth, discretion, and a powerful sense of duty to the digital forefront.  By transforming traditional notions of networking and influence, Mitchell is not just  connecting people—she is elevating them to new heights.