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Quinten Tyvon Is Back On The Scene With A Brand New Studio EP: Mosaic

Artist and songwriter Quinten Tyvon has recently managed to wrap up some of his very best studio work yet.

His most recent release, Mosaic, is a phenomenal example of what you can expect in terms of production excellence, while also delivering some honest and genuine songwriting. Today, some people are quite cynical about the state of music, often looking back on the “good old days.” However, some are optimist, and it’s easy to see why: fresh artists like Quinten are all about breaking the usual cliches and rule of the industry, while experimenting with their formula in order to keep challenging themselves and stay innovative.

As a result, they can really provide something that’s unique and one-of-akind for their audience. If you like music that feels personal and made with passion, you should definitely look into Mosaic by Quinten. This amazing new studio work is a powerful statement from an artist who has something to say.

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This release is a powerful creative metaphor of re-combining different elements together. One of the most exciting things about R&B is definitely the possibility to transcend the usual boundaries and make music that sets the bar higher in terms of discovering new sounds and embracing new ideas.

This is exactly what Quinten is doing here, with his colorful mosaic of amazing sounds! This release is going to make you very happy if you like music with a creative twist and some amazing melodies!

“mosaic is a must-listen to, for any fan of R&B/Pop seeking an amazing melody with a truly creative twist”

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