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Public Haus Agency Helps Consumer Brands Elevate and Distribute Their Video Content With This One Simple Approach 

The digital universe is littered with brand content. It’s everywhere – and the majority of it is unwatchable. It’s content for content’s sake, taking up space and often times lacking any sort of cohesive message or strategy. 

So how do brands cut through the clutter, deploy content that viewers actually want to watch, share and engage with, convey a brand personality, and maybe even get people to follow, subscribe and buy? It’s not about the in-your-face, hard sell. It’s not about the unnecessarily long, 10-minute product overview. It’s not about the founder droning on about how innovative the brand is; and it’s not about the abrupt call to action.

While there may be a time and place for this type of content, when it comes to content that registers on an emotional level, video content that educates, inspires and entertains is proven to increase brand loyalty and attract new consumers.

That’s why Public Haus, a Los Angeles-based PR, marketing and content agency, believes short-form storytelling is the single most effective tool for growing and engaging audiences. As opposed to relying on stuffy, overused, marketing jargon to convey a message, when it comes to short-form content of this nature, the brand message and values are demonstrated through stories, personalities and imagery that draws the viewer in, making them want more and best identify with a brand and its mission. 

Public Haus incorporates this approach in its branded content work for clients like energy giant Chevron. Rather than creating content oozing with scientific jargon and marketing jargon, Public Haus introduced story-based lifestyle content spotlighting the brand’s users, their backgrounds, stories, achievements, passions and insights. With a massive ROI due to high audience growth and engagement, this campaign has reshaped the way certain areas of the company communicate with their audiences. 

Think of some of your favorite brands. What do they stand for? What type of person buys their products? What’s their message and mission? Chances are these brands exude a certain attitude, identity and ethos. They’re not overly promotional. They’re not constantly selling in the conventional sense. And they’re not highlighting every distinct element of a product three times over. They’re producing content that connects. 

According to Public Haus, once the right type of content is produced, the next critical step is making sure you’re maximizing the content to ensure the right people are engaging with it. According to agency founder Ryan Croy, “If your intended audience isn’t seeing your content, you’re wasting time and money, regardless of how amazing your storytelling is. Our distribution strategies often include social channel boosting, distribution through the media outlets, and if we’re using an influencer as a subject in our video, we’ll often distribute through their channels as well. Not to mention, great content can be trimmed and leveraged in paid social campaigns, as well as on a brand’s website, in marketing materials, newsletters and more. You can get a lot of mileage out of the right type of content over an extended period of time – and not break your bank in the process.” 

Since the company’s launch, Public Haus has introduced clients across automotive, active lifestyle, health & wellness, food & beverage, hospitality and pop culture to personality-driven content, documentary-style storytelling and how-to content. The results have been game-changing. Not only was this short-form content used in earned media campaigns, but it also generated a massive uptick in content engagement and audience growth on YouTube and other social platforms. 

Whether you’re looking to go all in on branded content, streamline your current content strategy, or simply looking for greater distribution, Public Haus Agency can customize a video content strategy that will amplify your brand and turn viewers into loyal, passionate brand enthusiasts.