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How Super Producer & Composer IN-L Is Leading The Next Wave Of Creators

The internet is anything but a boring landscape, especially for creators like IN-L who has mastered the art of cultivating a fanbase, exploring his own expressionism, as well as shepherd and garner business for his own wares simultaneously and successfully. While it is true that everyone wants to have some form of infamy or security in their pursuits, the sad reality is very few actually follow through with it.

For IN-L, it is certainly a matter of passion for creation, and a sustained belief in the virality and foundational strength of the various platforms available for use.

IN-L producer

The Beatmaker | Composer

IN-L aka Nate Lamont has always been a student of two disciplines – with half of his family tied with Nassau, Bahamas and the other half from Miami, Florida. His music has always been a complex reflection of both sides of his familial tree.

Almost without a tied-down genre, he has managed to encapsulate a range of different musical dialects in his resulting creations and releases. The head-trapping and foot thumping vibrations that exude from his instrumental releases will bury their way into your brain and lay on repeat while you traipse along the sidewalk – they’re a catchy and unique experience you’ll be happy to have stuck in your head.

His incredible compositions are something to hear for yourself, you can never predict where he is going with a particular beat, a sensation that is all too rare in this current climate of cookie-cutter repetition. In his own words “my music is for anyone who wants it” a poetic tribute to the connectedness we all enjoy in a modern world.

The Producer | Influencer

He is also a fully-fledged producer offering his experience and ear with anything from Publishing to Production where he gives burgeoning artists a chance at creating their own vibe, the way he was able to. His social media savviness is something to behold as well, knowing how to play his markets, he has managed to finagle a following across the platforms. On TikTok alone he has amassed over 100,000 likes on posts he has produced.

What’s next for IN-L? We can only imagine with anticipation.


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