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ProCutta is the Breakthrough Artificial Turf Tool that Makes the Seaming Process Easier and Faster

Artificial Turf is Experiencing Meteoric Popularity Across America

The demand for synthetic grass has been increasing at a rapid rate for its many benefits. Synthetic turf provides a pest-free, attractive appearance through all seasons. It’s durable, withstanding heavy foot traffic without becoming damaged, and maintenance fees are reduced to zero. As a result, artificial turf is quickly becoming the preferred choice for homeowners and municipalities alike.

Due to the extreme popularity of artificial turf, the landscaping industry has been racing to figure out how to make the installation process as quick and efficient as possible.

The problem is that the artificial turf installation process is a slow and difficult job, especially in the hot summer months in California.

Installing artificial turf is notoriously difficult for newcomers to turf installation or homeowners attempting the job themselves. Artificial turf comes in a roll, just like carpet. When installing large swaths of grass, one roll cannot be simply butted up against the edge of another to extend coverage. The solution is to trim and fashion both pieces of turf before putting the edges together.

The conventional process requires very meticulous and precise work cutting the backing of the synthetic grass with a carpet knife. The cut is typically made on the back side of the grass. At times this involves flipping the turf over and otherwise cutting and recutting to make sure that the turf pieces are cleanly separated. Despite the constant flipping of the turf, the installer must make the cut as straight as possible so that this piece of turf can be positioned next to another piece in a way that hides the seam. There are two inevitable problems with this method: 1) the slightest deviation from a straight cut creates a gap between the seams that can be an eyesore, and 2) even the straightest cut in combination with the perfect repositioning still creates a straight line that may look good but is still easily detectable.

This can lead to fingers injured by the knife blade, exhaustion from sitting in the sun for too long, and ultimately the inability to install the turf properly and beautifully.

Beyond the heavy toll the installation can take on the turf installer, the most difficult part is certainly the seaming process. If the turf at the seam area is not cut properly, the result is an unsightly-looking seam that is visible even at a quick glance.

These problems are what inspired Sam Lee, a seasoned landscape professional, to invent a revolutionary solution.

ProCutta makes the artificial turf installation and seam process fast, precise, and seamless by allowing the installer to cut the turf from the top for a better match.

In the artificial turf industry, the ability to cut the turf effectively and successfully from the top side has been considered a near impossible task.

This is because the traditional way of installing artificial turf requires extensive measuring, tracing lines on the back of the turf, planning for the alignment of the two pieces, and finally cutting the material from the back.

Lee has designed the ProCutta to eliminate all of that. The ProCutta allows the installer to place the synthetic grass on top of the ProCutta’s knife guide which spreads the seam cutting area open, allowing the knife blade to pass easily through the synthetic grass blades.

  • Typically, when synthetic grass is unrolled, the grass blades are all compressed in a single direction. However, when synthetic grass is laid on top of the ProCutta knife guide channel while holding the edges down, the turf opens up so that each grass blade becomes singular and considerably uncrowded… enough for the retractable utility knife to cut through without compromising the grass blades.
  • The ProCutta was built with a gentle curve instead of a straight line. This makes it easier for the installer to place any two pieces together because the curved cut is always consistent. Not only does this eliminate unsightly straight seams by replacing them with much harder to detect curves, but it also allows the installer to cut and seam at any angle or position.

All the work is done from the top down with every cut along the ProCutta sure to line up against another piece cut in the same way.

A representative from Southwest Greens, a large synthetic grass manufacturer and installation company, speaks highly of the product, “We’ve done over 500 synthetic commercial and residential lawns in the Hawaiian Islands. Nothing cuts cleaner and more efficiently without compromising the turf fibers.”

The tool has quickly become a lifesaver in the landscaping industry for installation crews, both big and small, and even for the newcomer wanting to seize an opportunity in this great synthetic grass industry.

Utah landscape company, Turf Impressions, is a big supporter, “We take the seam process very serious to make sure our customers can barely find them, but the S pattern our @procuttaturfseamtool provides helps us lay this baby clean without cutting off any blades. If you’re an installer, you’ve got to try it. If you’re looking for an installer, make sure your crew has this!”

The ProCutta has become the answer to the artificial turf industry’s problems by drastically cutting down the time it takes to complete a job, producing a precise and beautiful result, eliminating the fatigue from the work, and providing the installer with the ability to cut a seam in any direction.

Doubling Down on The Eco-Friendly Benefits

Lee’s team refers to the ProCutta as the installer’s “secret weapon” to complete any artificial turf installation job – and the rave response to the product shows that they aren’t the only ones.

However, speed and precision aren’t the only benefits of using the ProCutta. Working in an environmentally conscious industry, Lee has invented a product that reduces the amount of left-over cut- offs going into landfills. ProCutta also plays a part in water conservation, helping those who are installing artificial turf to fight drought conditions.

Lee has shared, “Big installation jobs will have lots of remnants leftover that would end up going to waste. Since the ProCutta is multi-directional, remnant pieces can be easily seamed together and used instead of thrown away.

What’s Next for ProCutta?

  • ProCutta is currently doing demonstrations for contractors and landscape supply stores across Southern California. Soon after, they’ll be in Northern California and neighboring states.
  • They are being presented as a special guest at FieldTurf Landscape’s Artificial Turf Installation
  • They are also presenting a Turf Installation/Seaming Training Class with SiteOne Landscape Supply branches located in Southern California.

Learn more about ProCutta, the revolutionary turf seam tool, by visiting their website here: