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Prize Blast: Pirates and Real Gifts

Prize Blast is a colorful, pacey treasure hunt. It’s an opportunity to get into the shoes of a pirate determined to get your hands on the loot!

Released in December 2020, its success has continued ever since. Players appreciate the game for the possibility of winning a real gift.

Right from the start, you will be impressed by the quality of the graphics. The music is different from what you can find in conventional mobile games. It perfectly matches the story that unfolds before your eyes.

You will immediately feel like a pirate! Now it’s up to you to pass through the different stages that will lead you to victory.

Beyond the pleasure of playing, everyone appreciates the chance to receive a gift at home.

Prize Blast winners

What are the stages in order to win in Prize Blast?

From the very first moments in the game, you will meet a pirate and the game developer’s iconic little piggy bank. The tone is set for the rest of the adventure.

To progress in Prize Blast, you must complete the following stages:

  • Earn bottles of rum in the levels to build your boat.
  • Pay in bottles of rum to advance from island to island.
  • Reach the treasure island.
  • Complete the stages to get to the gift cave.
  • Unlock the gift of your choice with your piggy bank.
  • Win the gift with the bottles of rum.
  • Receive your gift, delivered to your home!!!

Are there any tips for Prize Blast?

To make good progress in Prize Blast, there are various tricks that can help you:

  • Make bombs in the levels to make bigger explosions.
  • Combine several bombs to make even bigger explosions.
  • Enter the weekly contests:

Between friends: To win GEMS (to get extra moves)

Global: To fill your piggy bank with virtual dollars.

  • Wheels of fortune: To win bottles.

All these steps make the entertainment more dynamic and multiply your chances of winning a gift quickly.

To get useful tips and advice, you can also visit the Prize Blast communities on Facebook. The atmosphere is friendly, and the winners are always available to share their experiences.

You can trade your jigsaw pieces (very useful in the game).

This is also where you can enter the various contests – Friend and worldwide contests are a great opportunity for players.

Prize Blast

What can I win with Prize Blast?

The best thing about Prize Blast is the quality of the real-life gifts offered by the app.

You can choose between:

  • A smartwatch
  • A Nintendo Switch
  • An iPhone 13 pro
  • A Bluetooth smart speaker
  • A drone
  • A state of the art flat-screen TV
  • An Xbox X series console etc…

Prize Blast’s publisher decided to focus its prize choices on quality brands only. This is what players like.

The available prizes are updated regularly to ensure an attractive offer.

How do players react when they discover Prize Blast?

With Prize Blast, you will be amazed by the quality of the game and the opportunity to win real prizes.

This is a unique opportunity for this type of app, and players are always looking for games that stand out.

By visiting the gift cave in the game, or the player communities on Facebook, you can meet the winners.

They proudly pose with their gifts and talk about their experience.

Prize Blast players also recommend the game on the app stores.

All these elements prove that Prize Blast surprises and satisfies players for real.