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Meet Princeton Epps: The 34-Year-Old who built a MultiMillion-Dollar Trucking Company in Milwaukee Wisconsin

From being a high school dropout to launching a multimillion-dollar enterprise, at just the age of 34, Princeton Epps has achieved what most can only dream of in a lifetime. However, the journey in building his successful business, “Epps Freight” wasn’t an easy one. With many obstacles in the way; he questioned whether he was doing the right thing.

Having found his own entrepreneurial mindset after dropping out of high school, Princeton learned very quickly the challenges of trying to make a living. Struggling to make progress, he had to learn the hard way how to build a business from scratch, and initially didn’t get the breakthrough he hoped for. With no former business training or mentors to guide him, he needed to learn the ropes quickly in order to have the chance to make his ideas work.

It wasn’t until he launched Epps Freight, a trucking, brokering and dispatch company based in Milwaukee, that he managed to get his big chance. Princeton started to build a client list of local businesses and began to create a sales pipeline, which was important in sustaining his newly launched venture. With high demand for logistics in the city, he was in luck, and soon found substantial opportunities for his services. Today, Epps Freight now counts more than 20 semi-trucks, and serves a wide community, having originally started out as a simple idea.

Princeton Epps’ success story has enabled him to become an inspiration for young people and adults looking to drive their entrepreneurial ambitions. Having felt the need to have mentors in his early life, Epps decided to offer mentorship to youth in the city, and recently launched his book entitled the “A-Z Guide to making your first million by starting a Trucking, Brokering and Dispatch Business,” with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurs to take the dive, and learn from his mistakes and triumphs in pursuit of their ambitions.

Princeton Epps

The serial entrepreneur also recently got involved in a new initiative to help the city’s embattled youth that have faced deprivation and an economic downturn following the pandemic. With the impact felt right across the city, a recent crime wave and escalating violence among young adults has troubled the local community.

Speaking recently with ABC’s local news affiliate in Milwaukee, Epps revealed an initiative to encourage an end to violence, with the launch of new streetwear t-shirts featuring the “Killing Ain’t Gangsta” slogan, to remind youth that violence is not the way forward.

Person of the Week: Princeton Epps

As a community leader, Princeton Epps has also encouraged young people to work hard and aim for success, and continues to promote a positive message in hope that new generations won’t get caught up in senseless crime.

As a Milwaukee native, Epps has been a strong proponent of changing perceptions, and making people think differently. This trait along with his focus on simple goal setting has enabled him to progress where others have struggled. For Princeton Epps, anything is possible, but it’s all about the mindset.

Princeton Epps