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Pretty Tony’s Pivot From Basketball Success To Notable Hip Hop Artist Proves That All Dreams Are Possible

It might not have been your first time hearing that you can be anything you want to be if you put your heart into it. Anthony Lezell Davis, Jr., popularly known as Pretty Tony, proves this by sharing his story of being a basketball athlete to become an up-and-coming hip-hop artist. While this sport also plays an irreplaceable role in his life, being a rapper was his long-time dream, so he had the courage to pursue it.

Pretty Tony is a 22-year-old rapper based in Renova, Mississippi, who recently had his debut in the music industry with the album “Rich Tony”. Despite being a rookie in the industry, he is already showing great potential to be a superstar. In fact, tens of thousands of people have already joined his fanbase, and they have been showing their support on social media, specifically on Twitter and Instagram.

However, unbeknownst to many and before Pretty Tony decided to seriously pursue music, he had dedicated most of his life to being an athlete. When he was only 5, he started playing basketball and football, and he has always excelled at both. He was even chosen to participate in the Little League World Series of baseball.

Young Anthony was called “Touchdown Tony” because of his unparalleled aptitude for football. However, when he entered the 7th grade, he concentrated on basketball. Tony joined basketball tournaments for Shaw High School. Through the years, he received guidance from his parents, who were both once players and coaches in the sport.

Tony had many achievements in the four years he spent as a basketball athlete in high school. In the years 2014 and 2015, he won state championship titles, and in 2017, he was a runner-up. Tony was awarded a full basketball scholarship to the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

His journey as a basketball athlete was fueled by his interest in basketball and his desire to please his parents. Seeing that they were proud of him for his achievements in the sport they both love was everything to him. However, Tony’s true passion was far away from basketball courts and University.

In his last semester of his junior year at University, Tony finally admitted his dream to be a music artist. Although it wasn’t something that his parents expected, they still gave their full support. This allowed the once basketball athlete to give all his time and effort to becoming a rapper.

Currently, Pretty Tony is rocking the music industry and is showing great potential to one day be one of the biggest figures in hip-hop. He now boasts more than 39,000 on Instagram and over 21,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His YouTube channel has also received a total of 224,000 plus views from his uploads. Pretty Tony’s rise to stardom has just started, so there’s certainly more in store for his fans in the future.