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Pouria Motabean

Pouria Motabean Is Becoming an Icon for The Next Generation of Iranian Musicians

Music has world’s one of the biggest businesses these days. The recorded music industry was worth $19.1 billion in 2018. But music is beyond all materials and all the money in the world. Music is also connected to our souls and few people are conversant with this case. Most of the musicians are aware of this special bond between music and soul and they use it to improve the quality of their work. “Pouria Motabean” is one of those musicians who has perceived this bind, and this has caused a huge triumph in his career. He is an Iranian musician, born on May 3, in Tehran. As a musician he has proficiency in all different fields of music: Composing, songwriting, arranging, and singing is some of his bold qualities.

He also makes educational packages for people who want to become musicians. He is an icon domestic, and, in this way, he can show the right path to those who are eager to learn.

“Teaching to younger musicians is a great sensation for me and my teaching I want to be inspiring for them. I want to give them a clear vision of this industry and show them the right track. According to my past tuition experiences, I consider myself as a successful teacher. I believe that this transaction of data can augment my creativity and help me to proceed in my career.”

Pouria Motabean had given a lot of his time and focus to improve himself in mixing and mastering. Even though he is working on the highest levels, but music had no limits. “I have continuous self-study, thus I see myself working on top-level; But if musicians do not keep updating their information, they will drop behind from the science of sound engineering”.

In the field of mix and mastering, he prefers to work with analog devices. But due to Covid-19 pandemic circumstances, Pouria Motabean mostly works in his home studio with digital devices.

On the other hand, for live performances, he controls the instrumentalists, concerning safe social distance.

Talking about his taste in music we can claim that he loves to blend classical music and modern music. So, his music can be sorted into fusion music and ambient music genre. In his career, he has worked with so many famous artists. Big names like “Andy Madadian”, “Babak Jahanbakhsh”, “Leila Frouhar”, “Naser Zeinaly” and “Mohammad Reza Golzar”.

“To produce popular songs, I considered the simplicity as my top priority and then just extent this pattern in composing and arranging”, he explained about his pop songs style. “Although I didn’t like it myself either, I believe the artist should accept the rules of his genre, no matter what the genre is. Because accept it or not, nowadays having an audience is the most important way to keep your artistic career alive” he explained furthermore.

Pouria Motabean proved himself as a successful musician and with his popularity, he has already become an icon for the next generation of Iranian musicians.

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