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Photo by Victoria_Borodinova via pixabay

Pompeo Talks ‘Regrettable’, Says North Korea

North Korea, on Saturday, termed the advanced negotiations with United States officials which were spearheaded by U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as “regrettable” and faulted Washington for attempting to force its nation into deserting its bombs unilaterally.

The announcement from North Korea came hours after Pompeo finished holding a two day talk with high-ranking North Korean delegates without meeting Kim Jong Un- president of North Korea- but with engagements for new consultations on denuclearization and the banishment of the remains of American militariesslayed in the time of the Korean War.

Prior to leaving Pyongyang, Pompeo addressed journalists and told them that his discussions with a North Korean delegation and Kim Yong Chol had been “productive,” and happened “in good faith.” Also, he added that “a great deal of progress” that had occurred in some fields. He emphasized that there was still a lot of work that could be donein other parts, some of which would involve working groups that the both the United States and North Korea have set-up to address the specific concerns.

The Asian country gave a much harsher analysis of the discussion, arguing that Trump administration let down the spirit of the meeting that occurred last month between the United States president and Kim Jong UN by offering “biased and manipulative” requests on “CVID,” or the thorough, provable and irreversible North Koreadenuclearization. The North Korean team feel that the follow-up talks that occurred after the historic meeting between their leader and the U.S president were concerning to them because they have resulted to a risky point that might clatter their readiness for denuclearization that had been well-founded.

Pompeo alleged that there would be U.S officialswho will be meeting with North Korean delegates on or about July 12 to converse on the repatriation of soldiers’ remains and that equal functional dialogues would take place soon on the obliteration of North Korea’s warheadmachine testing facility.

After the historic June 12 meeting betweenPresident Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore, the U.S leader was quick to announce days after the summit that the annihilation of the missile facilities and the return of the remains was in progress or had been completed. However, Pompeo said that there was a need for talks from both ends.

When boarding the flight to Pyongyang, the U.S Secretary of State said that his country and North Korea had agreed in Singapore summit that there would be complete denuclearization of North Korea. One expectation after the meeting was that there would be an immediate return of the remains of the United States soldiers killed in the 1950-1953 period in Korea, but to date,it has not been actualized.