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Paul Siderovski – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Founder and Business Strategy Coach of SiDCOR, Paul Siderovski, is a highly prestigious charter accountant who is intent on making a difference in people’s lives.  With more than 20 years of experience in the financial field, he has become a household name in the industry. Throughout his career journey, he has an endless list of achievements to put to his name, having worked through the trenches to get where he is today. He has experienced many challenges as a businessman to know how to assist others to reach their own personal goals. Now at the tender age of 48, he has built a pathway for other budding entrepreneurs and businessmen to take note of.

To celebrate this man’s milestones, we’re going to be diving into his career history and life story today.

Humble Beginnings

Paul Siderovski was educated at the University Of Newcastle with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. To add to his list of qualifications he is a member of the Institute Of Chartered Accountants (CA), Taxation Institute of Australia, and the National Tax and Accountants Association.

His first role was in 1995 at PricewaterhouseCoopers which was a company designed to provide comprehensive solutions to other businesses, community hubs, and governmental organisations. In their time they’ve made firms in over 155 nations, with almost 330,000 staff members. Australia alone has over 5,000 clients showcasing its soaring necessity in the field.

In 2002, he began SiDCOR Chartered Accountants to help businesses small to big, be able to thrive among the competition. Right from the heart of 5rNow, with over 20 years under its back belt, SiDCOR has become one of the country’s finest accountancy institutions serving clients across Australia and on an international scale. They’ve been awarded the prestigious BRW 3rd Best Place To Work and Accountants Daily’s Fast Growing Firm Of The Year. Most notably, SiDCOR was voted in the Financial Review’s Top 100 Accounting Firms In Australia beating over 50% of other accounting companies across the country. With his pioneering, can-do spirit, he has taken the company to maximum heights being the leading accounting firm for businesses across a variety of industries to hire the service of.

Mentorship With Tony Robbins

In addition to his career, he has spent his life globe-trotting and experiencing life outside of Australia’s four walls. During his travels, he met many different mentors and fellow business leaders including Anthony Robbins who is the founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson who is an American philanthropist, etc. Among these teachers, he has spent over the last decade visiting other countries with Tony Robbins for the Platinum Partnership Program.

Tony Robbins is a renowned life coach and motivational speaker who works to improve the lives of others. Kicking off his speaking career in the 1980s, and organising seminars to help other professionals make the most out of their skill sets. These days, he has written multiple books, produced his own TV series in 2010 ‘Breakthrough With Tony Robbins’, and many other formats.

During his work with Tony Robbins, they produced the Global Accounting Advisors (GAA) where Paul speaks as a representative for Tony Robbin’s Business mastery events in Australia, Florida, London, & Vegas.

His Other Collaborations

He has also collaborated with Dale Beaumont, who is the founder of Business Blueprint and rising young entrepreneurs in Australia. Business Blueprint is the leading business coaching company, which largely influences Siderovski’s future work in the field. Together, the two shared a love for helping other business owners through educative seminars. Like Siderovski, Beaumont published 16 best-seller books, educating other business owners across the country and internationally. It was his work that helped him become an expert in the field of business coaching, knowing the key to assisting other companies to thrive.

Paul Siderovski is a community leader who is passionate about helping other people find their own success in their businesses. Treating those around him like family, he knows first and foremost how important it is to create a network to encourage those around him to thrive. As a father of four children, he wants to make sure everyone can juggle both their home life and their work life is booming.

Through his series of life experiences, to find effective and realistic solutions for each of his clients. In doing so, he hopes to help other people find their true potential.

Accounting Tips From Paul Siderovski

Through Paul Siderovski’s efforts, he’s helped SiDCOR create the “SUPER7” framework, which is categorised based on:

  • Cashflow
  • Exit
  • Growth
  • Profits
  • Protect
  • Tax
  • Wealth

His teachings have helped businesses further improve their key performance indicators (KPI) and minimise their tax obligations. This comprehensive strategy has made a major difference in the lives of his clients, proving the success and effectiveness of his company. In his work, he has helped pay it forward, by ensuring other people benefit from his efforts.

Another one of his tips to help businesses find their rhythm is to draft up SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.


It is incredibly important to be transparent with your goals. This is because it can make the outcome more achievable when you have a clearly defined goal that you are aiming for. For instance, if you want to gain XYZ amount of clients this year, this helps your staff have a good number to target to help the business get the best possible end result.


Another key factor when drafting up a goal is to make sure it can be measured to help you determine whether you have reached what your business has set out to. This can be through the number of clients, a rating from a satisfactory survey, and many other examples. By making it measurable, you can be able to know how much work is required.


While it is essential to dream big, sometimes you need to be realistic. By setting out an achievable goal, you are more likely to attain it and help you overcome the challenge at heart.


This is related to the last point. You need to make sure you are starting with the easy goals, to make sure you can continue to succeed and hopefully, you can achieve the other dreams you set out to in the future.


Lastly, you should always have a good timeframe for when you want this goal to be achieved. Having a deadline can motivate you to put in the work to get this dream to occur. Whether it is a day to a year, you are more likely to act on it rather than put it on the back burner.


Paul Siderovski has helped shaped the lives of many businesses, allowing them to grow to become the pioneers that they are meant to be. If you’re looking to get accounting assistance, get in touch with SiDCOR to begin your journey!