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Optimize Your Workforce and Minimize Turnover with Source and Recruit’s Curated Suite of Pre-Hire Assessments

The old-school ways of recruiting seem not to cut it anymore. The modern hiring scene is changing faster than ever as businesses worldwide wrestle with finding the perfect fit for their teams while keeping costs in check at the same time.

Today’s market calls for creative and targeted approaches that bring top-notch candidates and ensure companies are getting the best value for their money.

Now that the call for change is growing louder daily, focusing on hiring ROI isn’t just a nice-to-have— it’s essential for business survival. The cost of a bad hire, the missed business opportunities, and the organizational disruption of a recruiting redo call for a ground-up transformation.

It’s a riddle that needs a combination of a fresh mix of technology, human intuition, and a sprinkle of out-of-the-box thinking to change the hiring game completely. An entrepreneur who has not just cracked the riddle but redefined its very framework is Matthew Burzon, the visionary behind The Source and Recruit Company.

With a sharp mind and his finger always pressed on the market’s pulse, Burzon’s groundbreaking company revolves around one central theme: expert talent sourcing, proven pre-hire assessments, and a modern contract structure.

“Gut feel hiring methods are like using a blunt instrument in a world that demands precision,” Burzon says. “Studies show the vast majority of managers do not know how to properly identify talent, which is why our mission is to uncover the best available talents while simultaneously ensuring that every hire is a strong organizational fit.”

The Source and Recruit Company places an emphasis on a thoughtful screening process that digs deeper than just scanning through resumes.

Just like a master craftsman needs the right equipment, The Source and Recruit Company leverages the power of AI and cutting-edge predictive analytics and salary intelligence tools such as HoneIt, The PXT Select(™) Talent Management Solutions, LaborIQ, and SkillSurvey Reference to help their clients maximize their odds of making the right hire.

As Burzon puts it – “it’s a bit like matchmaking but for the corporate world.”

“Of course, employee retention also depends on the client’s onboarding process, skills of the manager, and company culture,” Burzon says. “What’s in our control is the use of these tools to supplement our talent sourcing abilities, and that’s how we do our part as recruiters to support long-term employee retention.”

When numbers talk, it becomes evident that The Source and Recruit Company’s model has been hugely successful, delivering most clients a massive return on investment. Companies that have put their trust in Burzon’s approach have seen some fantastic results, with Source and Recruit reporting an overall 85% search success rate. Moreover, Burzon and his team are skilled at value engineering – often reducing recruitment expenditures by 40-70% without cutting the performance of the existing talent acquisition program.

In a world where ‘business as usual’ is the norm, Burzon’s company has truly shaken things up by demonstrating what happens when creativity, technology, and a dash of daring, new hiring processes meet. The Source and Recruit Company has taken the modern hiring riddle and shaped it into a brand-new standard for others to follow.

As Burzon says, “Finding the right talent is about truly understanding how people are wired and what motivates them to succeed. We’ve built a talent acquisition process that works, and the results are there for all to see.”