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NRA Boss Blames Ritalin and Film Violence For School Shootings

The president of the National Rifle Association has blamed uplift in school shootings on the ADHD drug Ritalin and increasing violence in films. He also said that there hadn’t been enough participation in the school safety program that is run by the group.

The president of the NRA, Oliver North, said recently that the problem with the continued school shootings is “that…we are trying…to treat the symptom without treating the disease.” He continued to say that the disease was not the Second Amendment, allowing people to “keep and bear arms” but that the “disease is these youngsters who are steeped in a culture of violence.”

North continued to say that the majority of the perpetrators were male and had been “drugged up” and grown up in an environment where violence is just a part of society. He also criticised the drug Ritalin as being one of the major causes of the school shootings saying that many of the teenage boys had been on Ritalin since they were in Kindergarten.

It seems like an odd comment coming from someone who has no medical training and following the fact that there has been no evidence that the male involved in the most recent school shooting, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, was on any form of ADHD medicine.

The president of the NRA continued to argu further that had the school taken part in the NRA’s school-safety program that the chances of the shooting happening would have been significantly decreased.

The safety program is aimed at assessing ways in which schools can improve security at entrances throughout the school with equipment such as metal detectors. It appears, however, that Mr North chose the wrong instance to promote his safety program with Santa Fe High School, involved in the shooting on Friday, had two armed police officers and had won an award for its safety program.

Mr North continued to argue that the solution was not to take “away the rights of law-abiding citizens” suggesting that metal detectors were the answer. He has also previously said that teachers and other school staff should be armed at all times.

Mr North has also accused those students who have more recently stood up for gun reforms as intimidating and harassing. He says that he plans to strengthen NRA membership in order to continue to fight for arms rights.