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No “Blow-up Dolls.” Dairy of The Lip Queen: Jessica Henderson Rhee

Our lips are the sensual parts of our face. It’s no wonder that many women are looking to make them perfect. If you’re not naturally born with a great set of lips then fillers can be a great option to achieve the look you want. They look stunning when done right. However, it’s important to know that when done wrong fillers can make you look terrible too! Jessica Henderson Rhee also known as the “The Lip Queen” chronicles the best, worst, and wild of the search for the perfect lips on her Instagram (@jessicathelipqueen). Here she shares the transparent, honest, and real perspective of a Master Aesthetic Injector and owner of Red Rabbit Aesthetics. 

Jessica started out by working as a Physicians Assistant (PA) in a plastic surgery practice for 10 years before she opened her own aesthetics business. Her biggest challenge when she opened Red Rabbit Aesthetics was that owning your own practice as a PA is rare and looked down upon by some doctors because they feel that PAs aren’t capable of practicing on their own. Jessica overcame this challenge by working non-stop and tuning out the noise from haters who thought she would fail. 

Today, Red Rabbit Aesthetics is one of the most sought-after clinics in the industry. Jessica’s drive to be the best and attention to detail means that clients fly from all over the United States to get the perfect lips from the best in the business in a beautiful office space that is being considered for a feature in American Spa Magazine. The massive demand for her elite level work has created an eight month waitlist for her services and recently she stopped accepting new patients. Jessica now lectures nationally and internationally for multiple pharmaceutical companies on her lip injection techniques. As a sign of her massive success, she was voted by her peers as one of the Top 100 Best Aesthetic Injectors in America last year. 

In addition to great work, one of the other important ways that Jessica servers her patients is by helping them avoid big mistakes! She refuses requests that she sees as unsafe or unrealistic, “I always deny lip-filler requests for anything resembling a blow-up doll.” Jessica adds “we have to know when to say no…oftentimes when I do say no, the patient goes down the street and gets [their lips] done somewhere else and you know what? Nine times out of 10, they end up back in my chair, [asking] me to fix it.” 

The future is bright for Jessica and the team at Red Rabbit Aesthetics. As a women entrepreneur and mother, she has already built the company up to a multi-million dollar business. Jessica is working on opening a West Coast office, becoming an even bigger influencer on Instagram, and maybe someday even a reality show about the good, bad, and wild of the world of aesthetic injections. She encourages people who are just starting out on their journey to always be honest, kind, and fiercely determined while ignoring the haters. This wisdom has helped her become a big success with much more to come.