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Nishant Piyush’s Prike Media yet again garners headlines by collaborating with people and personalities

The young digitalpreneur with Prike Media aims to join hands with many more people across industries that can earn success for both.

Enough has already been said about the many young talents that believe in pushing the boundaries and challenging themselves, all while they are still youngsters only to be the best versions of themselves in whatever they choose to do in life. India is a country that keeps on producing such talented beings that go ahead in making their unique name not just across the country but also worldwide. Nishant Piyush stands tall as one of these young talents in the ever-growing digital media world, proving his prowess and expertise even amidst much competition. He is not just an ordinary digital marketer but has spread his wings in the industry to become an expert in PR, social media, SEO and so much more, which has propelled him much forward in the industry, leading him to start his own digital marketing firm named Prike Media.

What garnered much more attention recently was Nishant Piyush collaborating with the beautiful and rising model Asia Gianese from Milan .

Both of them met each other and discussed how they could take the professional relationship forward with the collaboration. With Prike Media, Nishant Piyush aims to create great work relationships and collaborations with many such models, entrepreneurs, artists and many other people who aim to strengthen their image and brand through the robust services of Prike Media under his leadership. Asia Gianese collaborated with Prike Media as she saw the promise in the young entrepreneur and his company. Both of them posed happily in the picture posted on Instagram and have hopes that their collaboration will help both of them in business.

Prike Media is the result of Nishant Piyush’s incessant hard work, consistency in efforts and his never say die attitude. The youngster says, “If I had doubted my potential or talents as a digital marketing expert or entrepreneur, I wouldn’t have reached the position I enjoy today as a young digitalpreneur with my company, which is aiming to make it huge across Dubai.”