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Nikunj Agarwal—The Next-Generation Entrepreneur & The Brain Behind Digitary

Nikunj Agarwal, born on 29th July 2004, is an Udaipur-based Digital Marketing expert and the Founder & CEO of Digitary Media. This young man started his career in Digital Marketing at a young age and began working as a freelancer with the onset of the pandemic last year. He even took up internships and a few online courses to get some hands-on experience about the same, before he gained enough confidence and founded “DIGITARY”. Sooner, he went on to be known as the “Youngest Entrepreneur of Udaipur” as well as the “Youngest Digital Marketer of Rajasthan”! Paving his path into the field and struggling through the ups and downs all by himself, one can rightly address him as a “one-man” army. Here’s an excerpt of a conversation with him:

  1. Why is digital advertising and marketing important, according to you? And what impact does it have, on small businesses?

Nikunj Agarwal: In the present world, the unrivalled reach of any content through electronic media is what I feel is the primary reason why digital marketing is so essential and favoured nowadays. Through the means of internet, one may not only reach ten times as many people as traditional ways, but also reach consumers from other nations with a couple of clicks. The prime reason why it is feasible for even small businesses to avail digital marketing services nowadays is simple—not only will they be able to reach a large crowd in short span of time but also it is very affordable for them to do so. Hence, unlike olden times, start-ups and small businesses are able to gain hundreds of relevant clients from various parts of the globe, in much lesser time. 

  1. How can someone start business with the help of digital marketing and advertising now?

Nikunj Agarwal: Starting a business in itself mostly involves investing a huge sum in advance without knowing about the returns it’ll bring in the future. But obviously, you must soon start spreading a word about your new venture. The excellent news is that digital marketing is very accessible to organisations of all shapes and sizes, regardless of their expense capacity. However, the scope of digital marketing is quite broad—so if you don’t know anything about it, it’s very easy to somehow be lost in the chaos, which means you’ll squander your time and effort with little to show for it. On the other side, if you execute digital marketing correctly, you can grow your client base, stay in business, and even prosper. 

  1. What, according to you, is the future of Digital Marketing?

Nikunj Agarwal: In the future, digital marketing will have enormous potential. It has the ability to help businesses develop and reach out to new consumers at a fraction of the cost. To target their consumers with the appropriate message at the right time on the right device, brands will employ sophisticated combinations of customer information, environment data, and geolocation. There’s much more to the future—but we’ll know it only when the time comes.