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Naru Organics On Why Non-Toxic Ingredients Are Much Safer Than Artificial Fragrances And Dyes

One of the beauty goals today is to look good and smell as great as you look. That is why fragranced products are all the rage now, but did you know that these fragrances and dyes can be harmful to your skin?

Naru Organics

Kaitlin Polk, the founder of Naru Organics, explains that it is hard to deny the allure of products that make you smell appealing. In fact, scents and fragrances have been used as marketing techniques to attract people to certain skincare products marketed as healthy and effective. But, unfortunately, this has given people the impression that fragrances are entirely safe, which is not the case.

Naru Organics was born out of necessity. After researching countless self-tanning lotions available on the market, the answer was to either settle for the products available or create one that was healthy for all customers to use. As a result, Naru Organics became a company dedicated to creating skincare products from non-toxic ingredients with no synthetic dyes or fragrances. Their products contain calendula extract, meadowfoam seed oil, Tsubaki oil, and sweet almond oil, all ingredients that possess many benefits for the skin.

Naru Organics Non-Toxic Ingredients

What most people miss when looking at product labels is the transparency of a manufacturer. Most of them conceal the use of toxic ingredients in their products by using vague terms to describe these substances. Therefore, people must know the specifics to look for in a product label. According to Kaitlin, there is no ingredient known as ‘fragrance’; this is just a vague term that possibly conceals a cocktail of harmful components.

Naru Organics skincare products

Since manufacturers are not required to provide specific information, it is up to you to choose the right products. Naru Organics cautions people about the umbrella terms ‘preservatives’ and ‘surfactants’ as this language makes it hard for you to research the specific ingredients used in the product. One way to eliminate harmful substances is to buy products with fragrances from naturally derived ingredients. Naru’s self-tanner contains rose damascena hydrosol and vanilla planifolia fruit extract, which gives it a lovely smell without using any of the harmful synthetic fragrances’ other self-tanners use. Naru’s vanilla oil is derived from the beans of vanilla planifolia. The rose hydrosol is made using steam distillation, and it does not contain any additives, preservatives, or synthetic substances.

Naru Organics believes in providing skincare products that anyone can use without risking their health. However, as customers become more conscious about what is in their health and beauty products, it is long overdue for manufacturers to disclose rather than disguise what people are really putting on their bodies.