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Musician and Singer-Songwriter Rosie Minako Leads Red Carpet Glamour in 2023 BRIT Awards

Kicking off in the London’s O2 arena, celebrity guests and awards nominees stunned the red carpet in 2023 BRIT Awards with jaw-dropping styling. The event was held on a Saturday for the first time, followed by after parties that finally returned after three years of the pandemic.

Rising pop singer and songwriter Rosie Minako stunned onlookers as she stepped out the red carpet with a sensational pink evening gown. The musician-model is known for her ‘simple and elegant’ style. She swept her glamorous dress down the red carpet as she struck her classic pose, rocking a natural glam makeup look. She appeared with her signature wavy hair, while being accessorized with gold-plated teardrop earrings.

Rosie first rose to prominence in the fashion scene as a model, being a familiar face on magazine covers and fashion weeks. As a strong advocate on equality who champions her voice across different platforms, the model was heavily favored during her competition in Miss Universe Great Britain and was voted by the public as the winner. After the national pageant, she picked up the music career she started during her childhood and continued to appear in the spotlight as a singer-songwriter.

As a musician and recording artist, Rosie wants to touch the heart of her listeners with her creativity. Her music genre is deeply influenced by the Romantic classical era. She writes upbeat songs that showcase a unique cross-over of the old and modern music. Coupled with powerful lyrics, she hopes her music creation can spread positive energy to her audience. Her primary goal in making music is to have her listeners feel empowered when listening to her album. With the theme of her tracks focusing on strength and confidence, she reminds everyone that they have the total power to conquer their dreams if they believe in themselves.

With a postgraduate degree in Music, Rosie has competent knowledge in vocal performance and music composition. However, she believes hard work and dedication are the keys to succeed in the competitive music industry. She also encourages other musicians to step into their own individuality and express their uniqueness when creating music in order to be remembered. ‘Never give up! Always believe in yourself!’ was the advice from the Eurasian beauty to all her fellow songwriters and artists.

Rosie is currently preparing for her music tour in Asia, where parts of the profits will be donated to children and women charities that are close to her heart. She plans to choreograph dance movements to her current track of old and new singles in her live concerts. Her coming stage performance will be very cinematic, as she wants to connect with her fans on a more personal basis. You can find out more about musician-singer Rosie Minako and her journey, here!

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