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Musical Artist Kane Comfort Is Living His Father’s Legacy

Every artist has someone they grew up admiring and hoping they’d get to meet one day. While many spend years without meeting their role models, that has been different for artist Kane Comfort. He spent 18 years with his earliest musical influence and mentor, who was also his dad.

Kane’s earliest memories of his dad revolve around music. His dad was a musician with his own band. He’d seat Kane on his lap, play the guitar, and sing songs for him before Kane could even talk. Because of those experiences, music started shaping how Kane viewed and responded to the world.

Surrounded by a loving family, Kane’s relationship with his dad only grew better with time. He looked up to him and desired to one day play music like him. Kane started singing as he grew older. It felt good to let the music out, and he loved how he felt when he sang.

At first, he didn’t even play full songs. He started singing parts of the songs his dad sang to him and the music that his parents played in the house. Some of their favorite artists were Bob Marley, The Beatles, Nirvana, and the Black Eyed Peas. His mom played “Where is the Love” by the Black Eyed Peas on repeat and it was the first song Kane learned all the words to.

During college he spent a lot of time working on his songs, improving his guitar skills, and making records. He was much more interested in music than any of his course work. By the time he finished his college degree at Kansas State University, Kane knew he wanted to be on stage playing his own music. His dad passed away Kane’s freshman year, and that affected his life greatly.

Before he died, Kane’s dad wrote him a letter that convinced Kane to pursue music fully. The note said, “Always live with integrity to your own values, based on the eternal natural principles that govern life”; “Always exercise your greatest talents in meaningful service to others”; “Always treat each individual with the dignity they deserve as children of God.”

Throughout college, Kane immersed himself in his music and began to create his unique style.  His sound includes elements from R&B, pop, and hip-hop music. He was one of the openers for Jon Bellion when he performed on campus at Kansas State University.  Earlier this year, he released a 5 song EP called “Lotus.” It includes the songs “Take Flight”, “Vine Full of Scars”, “I Cannot Condone It”, “Raised by the Wolves” and “Lotus.”

Kane also released five additional singles over the past few months. They are “Stupid in Love”, “65 South”, “Green Leaves”, “If We Met…”, and “Heart Strings”,  He has released seven videos on his Vevo channel and has more in the works. He also continues to play live shows in and around Nashville, Tennessee.

Kane looked up to his Dad and wants to honor him and make him proud. He believes his greatest talent is to evoke emotions in others through song and that’s why he has been working hard to get his music out into the world. In the future, he wants to keep growing, creating, and living out his dad’s legacy.