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Ms. Dixie, a kosher restaurant located in Miami

This Hidden-Gem Eatery in Miami brings Tel Aviv a Little Closer To Home

Whether you are longing for a trip back to the homeland or just need an excuse to get lost in a world far away, Ms. Dixie, a kosher restaurant located in Miami’s popular Aventura neighborhood, is the local hidden gem that brings all of the best Tel Aviv vibes right to your South Florida doorstep.

From the atmosphere to the food, weekly events and specials, every aspect of this lifestyle eatery is nothing short of a cultural experience–without the need for a passport and plane ticket, of course.

Ms. Dixie is Jewish-owned and operated and all of the food is strictly kosher, approved of by industry professionals and a culture-friendly chef. Additionally, Ms. Dixie prides itself on an inclusive environment where Hebrew is freely spoken and understood.

Better yet, you can enjoy a feast at Ms. Dixie any day of the week as the restaurant has recently announced that we will be open 7 days a week, with special event nights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Thursday’s event is “Tel Aviv Thursdays,” with a heavy focus specifically on highlighting the atmosphere. Friday is “Yallah Friday,” in which the eatery invites the public to come and celebrate the Jewish culture in house, and Saturday is “House of Dixie,” a house music-themed event.

Order in or out, Ms. Dixie offers catering, delivery and inside seating to fit nearly any dining style. Tables can be reserved ahead of time too, including for events.

You can get a taste of Tel Aviv at Ms. Dixie Sunday-Thursday from 11a.m.-10p.m., Friday from 10a.m.-4p.m., and Saturday from 8:30.m.-11:30p.m.

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