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Mozverse Is the Amazon Web Services of Web3 

We have to agree that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has emerged as the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud-based platform, helping people achieve their creative excellence. Now, something similar has made its way to the Web3 space, and it is already creating a lot of buzz. Mozverse is the replica of Amazon Web Services in the Web3 space founded by Mystic Zach Hirsch and Danny Mozlin. Co-founder Mystic Zach Hirsch, also known as ipickwins on Instagram, is an accomplished 21-year-old digital entrepreneur who also hosts Worldstar’s Kiss and the Mist Podcast. He is the youngest, most accurate sports handicapper of all time. 

Crypto and NFT markets have always generated big returns for investors. Despite showing little volatility lately, this market still holds a strong position among new-age investors and creators. With the introduction of Web3, opportunities in the digital financial space have reached a whole new dimension. Mozverse is a new project that will help people leverage them easily. Mozverse is a platform designed to provide a practical experience with the metaverse. It will host Web3 content and is a turnkey service for creating your own metaverse. 

Mozverse makes it easier for people to start their NFT marketplaces, and NFT apps, and even create secure contracts. The goal behind this project is to build a more inclusive and accessible system that guides users to navigate the Web3 space. So far, Mozverse has launched five products that are transforming the metaverse experience for users. The products include the Mozverse platform, NFT marketplace, NFT generation kit, DIY smart contracts, and Mozverse API. 

Currently, top companies in the business and tech world are using Mozverse to explore the web space and generate digital assets. The scaling popularity of Mozverse has featured Mystic Zach in renowned publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance. He is a well-known name in the sports and crypto industries. Mystic Zach is also a sports influencer with over a million followers on Instagram. He is best known for pioneering a show on WorldstarHipHop alongside famous American rapper, Jadakiss.  

Mozverse is the passion project of Mystic Zach and Danny Mozlin. They worked hard toward the vision of building a more virtual society with Mozverse. The idea is to create a metaverse of the future by leveraging the latest technologies to redefine the NFT marketplace. To achieve this, they combined the power of a decentralized economy with entertainment and sports. As a result, Mozverse has evolved as a Web3 ecosystem with a particular focus on the media and entertainment industry. 

Mystic Zach is on the way to growing Mozverse into a multi-billion dollar company while revolutionizing the metaverse experience for people. He wants more people to use Mozverse to create their metaverse assets and finally use it as a tool to enter the Web3 space. to make it accessible to a wider demography the co-founders are working on introducing more incredible products on the platform. They want to make Mozverse as easier for people to find their way into Web3. Mozverse is already scaling with an ever-growing user base expected to multiply in the near future. The co-founders are already on track to collaborate with some of the world-renowned entertainment entities to pave the way for more GenZ users in the Web3 space.