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Michael Reis Believes That Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

Michael Reis thought that $69,420 (nice), was a funnier number than $70,000, so he gave his client a discount. Who doesn’t love a good meme?

At a glance, Michael Reis appears to be a successful, well-spoken charmer, able to turn an afternoon trip to the auto dealer into a new opportunity for his business. But when you start to pay attention, Michael Reis, the man, is nothing more than a self-aware ball of chaos that has, by some miracle, figured out how to monetize itself while pulling others into its vortex.   

Michael Reis makes waves in every industry he wanders into. His unorthodox approach has helped multiple businesses grow to six, seven, and even eight figures. And while some people might call him crazy, his results speak for themselves.

Manna Wholesale was spiraling toward the forgotten depths of the bargain basement waste bin after the company owner’s ex-business partner vanished into the ether with two-and-a-half-million dollars of Manna’s cash. Manna Wholesale, at the time (it’s expanded a bit now) a monetized Discord server where you could buy and sell hype shoes. Kenny, not the one who stole members’ money, wanted to keep the company running at all costs, but the accounts were almost completely dried up. Manna was desperate. “They needed someone to come in with a lot of money to refund the members,” says Reis. “But I had a different idea in mind. I wanted to go all out on this bastard and sue his ass for damages.”

But Kenny didn’t want to do that. He wanted to make the orders right for his members. “My legal team told me that’s incorrect. Run,” says Reis. “But my gut told me that wasn’t the right move. So, I said, ‘Fuck it, let’s go the hard way and do things differently.’ And if the money issues weren’t enough, Kenny was also having some problems with social media. I agreed to help him with that as well. I didn’t know what that cost. So, I gave him a really high quote, like, I’ll do it for $88,000. And, we negotiated that down to $70k (more specifically, we negotiated it to $69,420).”

With the social media problems quickly solved, it was time to get the company back on track. “I went to the members and said, ‘Here’s the honest to God truth. There is $100,000 in the bank account, and there is $2.5 million of debt. We can only make it if we do it over time. So, I’m going to use $25,000 here, and I’m going to find the best fucking deal that I can on shoes. And when I get that 25 grand worth of shoes, I am going to sell half of them,’” explained Reis.

“Completely opening the company’s secrets to customers really hit the right spot. It created a cult following. Hundreds of members started paying $100 just to be in this group because they loved the transparency,” says Michael Reis. “Nobody in their right mind would open up their business like this — showing the actual screenshots of the bank account. But we did it, and we cleared the $2.5 million debt in just 90 days. On top of that, I got a check for $69,420 that I still keep framed,” Reis continued, “and 25% ownership of the company.”