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Mexican military disarm the police force in Acapulco for being corrupted by drug gangs

The Mexican authorities have taken over the police force of the resort town Acapulco after they have reportedly been corrupted by drug gangs.  Two of the police commanders at the district have been accused of murder and the remaining people on the force have had their guns, bullet proof vests and radios taken off them while background checks are being performed.

Acapulco is a beach resort city that has been a movie star hot spot since the 1950s and 60s. However due to the rising violence, people are starting to avoid the city altogether due to the corruption from drug gangs. The city which has 800,000 residents will now be protected by the military and state police who will be taking over the law enforcement for the foreseeable future.

A state government spokesperson stated that the actions that they have taken are because of rising suspicion that the force had been infiltrated by drug gangs. As they were becoming more and more corrupt, the murder rate for the city reached a nation high of 103 people per 100,000 residents. The CIA has mentioned that this murder rate is on the same level as war zones including Iraq and Syria.

According to reports, bodies are dumped on beaches or are left hanging from bridges on the motorways. After the government had taken over the police force, the US has amended their travel warning which is now adivising citizens to not visit the state of Guerrero due to the extremely high violence rate and armed group activities.