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Meet the CEO Behind the Leading European Entertainment Network

“I like to challenge the entertainment industry by hitting “send” on provoking emails.”

Dan Virtue, longtime CEO of the European network and agency VIRTUE Clan has made a name for himself as the leading director and manager of several high-profile individuals including musicians, actors, and models.

Mr. Virtue’s journey to success began with his passion for developing brands. He started his career in early 2010 as a young luxury brand developer where he quickly learned the ropes of the entertainment business. Today, Dan is specializing in talent management and public relations together with his agency and they represent various individuals and organizations in multiple countries.

Under Dan’s leadership, VIRTUE Clan has grown into a highly respected brand in the industry. The company manages some of the most successful artists and athletes in Europe, including Ivy, Carah Faye, Blake Kelly, Retin Obasohan, Adam Falk, Rebecca & Fiona, Freddie Meadows and hundreds of others. Virtue’s management style is highly collaborative, working closely with their members to help them achieve their goals while maintaining their creative integrity.

Dan Virtue is also known for his keen business acumen, which has helped him grow the VIRTUE umbrella into a highly profitable company valued at over 100 million USD as of 2021. He has negotiated several lucrative deals for his clients, including record deals, endorsement deals, and movie contracts. His ability to spot talent and turn it into a commercial success has made him one of the youngest most sought-after managers in the recent years.

Aside from his success in the entertainment industry, Dan is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He has donated generously to several charities and foundations, including those that support education and the arts while being actively involved in promoting products and brands that help to shape a better world for the future generations.