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Meet Natalise, the Entrepreneur Advocating For Human and Animal Wellness

Natalise Kalea Robinson is a purpose-driven entrepreneur and the CEO of Parallel Health. Parallel is a clean, science-based skin microbiome health company providing effective, personalized skincare powered by genomics. The facility uses next-level science to optimize your health, particularly in microbiology, genomic technology, bioinformatics, machine learning, and AI. Before establishing Parallel, Natalise worked at different startups in executive roles from pet wellness and mental health to science-based skincare. These experiences inspired her to start the Parallel Health brand. 

Natalise has an overwhelming passion for human and animal health and wellness. She firmly believes in preventative health and the future of precision medicine, health, and preventative health. Natalise also believes that precision skincare can empower people to be more confident. Because skin is so visible to the outside world, it can impact one’s self-esteem and self-worth. By enabling people to optimize their skin health through the microbiome, Natalise hopes to help people improve how they feel about themselves so they can be their best selves.

A microbiome is a collection of bacteria that live in a certain area of the body. With tons of bacteria, fungi, mites, and other organisms in humans, a healthy, diverse microbiome may protect you from diseases and germs and create vitamins useful to your health. Parallel Health helps people unlock the potential of the skin microbiota so that you can make the best skin and body care decisions for yourself. They also deliver individualized, targeted microbial-based skin and body care products based on a person’s skin microbiome sequencing data for maximum skin health, clarity, and anti-aging benefits.

As an entrepreneur, Natalise understands what it’s like to feel defeated and lose confidence from time to time. Staying in the game requires dedication and effort, self-awareness and perseverance. Natalise talks about some of these personal and professional experiences on “The Unlikely Journey,” a podcast that she co-hosts. Inspiring to many, it is no wonder that she has been awarded the “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Outstanding Female Entrepreneur” awards by several outlets. Parallel Health has also been recognized this year as a “world-changing idea” by Fast Company, a significant achievement that will step up the pace for more success.

Moving forward, Natalise’s biggest dream is to continue being an entrepreneur who supports human and animal health through science and innovation. She wants to create sustainable solutions that improve not only lifespan, but also healthspan.

“I have a dream of discovering and potentially unlocking the key to autoimmune disease. I believe the microbiome is a vital part of this understanding, and I think some of the research that we’re doing at Parallel is foundational to this area of work,” Natalise concludes.