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Meet Daniel Everist: the Marketing and Tech Whiz Behind Sprouter

Building an app that can stand shoulder to shoulder on a global pedestal with renowned apps is no small feat. There are inherent costs and quite a level of experience needed. Achieving this will involve putting together just the right team. It gets more challenging when you are a young entrepreneur. Being a young person in the business world, your ideas are often overlooked and met with assumptions that your ideas are non-viable. This was the case for the now celebrated tech expert, Daniel Everist.

When Daniel launched his app, Sprouter, he was 19 years old. Daniel Everist dropped out of college to pursue his idea. But, considering his young age, many people didn’t buy into his idea or vision. Daniel explains that many people felt he had taken the wrong path by dropping out of college. As such, they lend their opinions on why his idea isn’t viable enough and is heading for most probable failure. Daniel was new in the tech field and the entrepreneurship world. He also struggled financially, making it hard to test his ideas and develop a professional tech team.

But Daniel chose to fight for his ideas. He put forward an app that would transform how local businesses and influencers run their social platforms. Daniel Everist began on a small scale, and in 2017 he launched Sprouter. At the time, Sprouter was a dorm room app that allowed college kids to connect more easily and quickly. By 2022, Sprouter has grown to be a top social and business app providing an end-to-end solution for individuals and businesses to grow their following and brand.

“Starting and building a successful app or any other business venture can be challenging. People will lend opinions that are discouraging, nevertheless, you have to hold your ground and fight for your idea and passion. You can overcome challenges and hurdles to reach your dreams! You just have to keep working, be resilient and above all, keep believing in your dreams,” says Daniel.