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Meet Bryan Arion: The Los Angeles-Based Actor/Musician Making His Mark

Many successful people in the world have an unrelenting passion for the path they’re following and use whatever it takes to hone their craft and flourish. Unlike skills that can be taught, passion is a natural feeling toward a definite end goal. Passionate people are undeterred by the challenges, setbacks, and difficulties necessary to endure in order to accomplish their goals.

Bryan Arion is an actor and musician of Mexican heritage. Despite facing challenging circumstances earlier in life, he pursued his passions to achieve his dream in the U.S. Bryan was born in the rough, mountainous terrains of Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico, a state famous for poverty and violence. It ranks among the most dangerous regions in the world. His mother’s family was deeply embedded in the cartel underworld. After his relatives expressed a desire to flee, the cartel leaders threatened to execute the entire family. They then beheaded Bryan’s great-grandfather in front of his grandmother when she was nine. This dire situation led his family to live under duress. Young Bryan always tried to bring relief by acting out scenes from movies or performing in front of them any way he could. Eventually, Bryan’s mother fled Mexico with him when he was five to North Carolina, where they joined distant family.

Bryan thought settling in the U.S. would end their struggles, but that was not the case. He was a Mexican in a primarily white area, that faced a language barrier, and because he looked and spoke differently, he suffered racism. Fortunately, he did not endure this for long. He quickly understood the need to defend himself and discovered a new passion: MMA. In the meantime, his mother constantly reminded him of virtue and perseverance, which her family had adopted due to their experiences in Guerrero. Bryan excelled at MMA and won many tournaments during his adolescence.

Despite his prowess in MMA, Bryan embraced acting and made a career out of it. He has appeared in several music videos, commercials, and TV shows, including a 5 Gum commercial, NBC’s ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Michael Bay’s ‘The Last Ship’ on TNT, and ‘Selena: The Series’ on Netflix. Bryan is also currently working on new projects set to come out soon.

Although successful, Bryan is a very humble guy. His love for his mother and grandmother is unparalleled, and he consistently acknowledges their sacrifice to see him live a better life and achieve his childhood dreams. When asked about his plans, Bryan asserted, “I don’t know where I see myself in a few years. One of the main things my family history taught me was to live in the moment, tomorrow is never promised, nothing is ever guaranteed. I’d hope I’m still acting or producing.”

Bryan treasures the strong women in his life

and looks forward to honoring them by making a movie and writing a book about their experiences and life stories.