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Azruddin Mohamed

Meet Azruddin Mohamed: The Billionaire Making His Mark

“A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.” – Jonathan Swift

People work hard to make money, but sometimes sacrifice their happiness and personal lives in the process. When people like this lose sight of what’s important in life, they spend money to buy stuff or experiences that do not enhance their lives in any way. Meanwhile, some use their wealth to enhance their lives and the lives of others in meaningful ways. Billionaire entrepreneur Azruddin Mohamed is one of these people. Born and brought up in Guyana in a family of entrepreneurs, Azruddin Mohamed did not let his wealth go into his head. Instead, he focused on using it for good. This is where he is making a difference by boosting his country’s sports industry and being an active philanthropist who participates in several charities to help the underprivileged.

Azruddin is popular as Team Mohamed’s in Guyana because of his several business ventures. He is the biggest gold dealer in his country, purchasing gold and exporting it to the UAE. Azruddin also works in foreign exchange, as he owns a Cambio in Guyana. He also trades the actual currencies in the United States. Real estate is also a significant part of this serial entrepreneur’s professional life. He owns The City Mall in the heart of Guyana’s capital, multiple massive apartment buildings, office buildings, and houses, and several lay down yards that he’s renting to oil companies.

Apart from his business ventures, Azruddin also has a fascination for luxury vehicles. Azruddin used to wash his father’s cars and take them for a drive when he was only 9. He currently owns a fleet of exotic vehicles, including:

  • 3 GTRs (White GTR has 2500hp, Nismo GTR has 2000hp, Other GTR has 2200hp)
  • Pro Mod Ford Mustang with 4,000hp
  • Mercedes G Wagon
  • Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
  • Multiple SUVs

Azruddin’s love for the world of racing began relatively recently when he attended an exciting event. When he saw the racing cars zooming on the track, Azruddin knew he had to venture into this field. Back then, the state of racing and motorsports as a whole was not well developed in Guyana. The deplorable drag race pad and poor condition of the vehicles were far from being competitive or on par with the international standards.

Azruddin became a pioneer in reviving the racing scene in Guyana. His first step was to buy several GTR motorcars and a fleet of superbikes. To bring a competitive edge to Guyana’s racing scene, Azruddin used his overseas connections to hire top racing drivers from the United States of America, Canada, and England. His next target was to develop the infrastructure to race cars in the country. Azruddin uses his personal finances and human resources to upgrade Guyana’s motorsports facilities. He constructed pavilions, washroom facilities, imported modern equipment, looked after the cleanliness of the track, and did everything he could to make the sport more competitive and versatile in his country.

Today, Azruddin has his own racing team in Guyana, which not only shows his love for sports but the prudent investment planning that is driving in good revenue for him. Besides motorsports, Azruddin also sponsors and organizes football events in his country. Going forward also, Azruddin will invest in other development ventures in his country to impact the lives of millions in any way possible. He still believes he has miles to go and wants to keep growing through learning because that’s what separates him from the herd of ordinary entrepreneurs.