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Meet Adele Tevlin: The CEO Illuminating the Path for Industry Leaders

Adele Tevlin is the CEO and Founder of C.E.O Blueprint, a transformational development company that is changing lives. She has over 20 years of experience helping business leaders in North America create and produce massive elevations in their leadership and performance. Adele’s leadership teachings cut across different fields, from the corridors of business to personal lives and relationships. She has adopted a simple and effective mantra: “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” This has so far been her guiding principle in illuminating the path for industry leaders. 

Adele is a certified behavioral expert and pattern interrupter that uses a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), neuroscience, and psychology to ensure clients achieve the transformation and breakthroughs they are committed to making in their lives. Adele also shares a unique ‘superpower’ that enables her to see people’s blind spots and all that gets in the way of their ability to accomplish their goals. This includes influencing others to identify what works in their favor and shifting any undesired behaviors to help them create a sustainable change.

The C.E.O Blueprint course offered by Adele is an online program presented in a 4-week format. Adele says she has designed it based on her experiences and expertise, making it a practical solution for almost everyone. It’s a compelling course intended to help people release the past, know their worth, see their path, and own their desires. Adele’s practicality and efficiency have led to it being branded as a top effective solution, better than 25 years of therapy. 

Throughout her career, Adele has interacted and worked with thousands of clients spread across the world. This includes leaders and companies such as TD Bank, Credit Suisse, CIBC, Goodmans LLP, Shimmerman Penn, Blakes LLP, Crowe Soberman LLP, etc. 

An innately born leader, Adele has taken to lead the path for other leaders with her indisputable and unmatched work ethic. In addition, she is recognized for her unquestionable integrity, backed by her warm personality, and staying true to her word. She firmly believes in integrity as more than morality to include keeping your word. 

“I can say with confidence that my clients and students know I take a stand for them and always operate with integrity,” says Adele.

Her integrity and warm personality also help her win more clients. Most of her clients express confidence in her services, as she always finds a way to solve their troubles. More significantly, Adele believes everyone has been made for more and that negative beliefs can be unlearned and replaced with positivity. 

Adele wants leaders to express the same optimism to their followers, to guide and help them tap into their potential. She challenges you as a leader to impart confidence to your employees and show them that everything they desire is possible. To her, giving up is never an option in the pursuit of success. 

Her wish is for everyone to understand that there are no limits to what you can achieve. Adele says that obstacles are meant to make you stronger and what stands between you and your desires is everything you tolerate. Remember, you hold the keys to rewriting the rules, standards, and norms for how life, money, relationships, and business work for you.