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Photo by BruceEmmerling via pixabay

Massive Protests Over Family Separation Witnessed Across the Country

Thousands of supporters gathered outside the white house today in a bid to push the Trump administration to rescind its decision on separatingfamilies. The people who were marching voiced their opinion through chant ‘families belong together’ which is also the name of the rally scheduled to occur in other seven hundred and fifty United States cities. MoveOn.Org which is a liberal organization had organized the protest that happened in Washington. Other partners to this event and other scheduled to take place in other major cities in the country include Domestic Workers Alliance, The Leadership Conference,and Americans Civil Liberties Union. One Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) was heard saying that they were there to ensure that the president ended the zero-tolerance policy and allowed the children that were in cages to go to their guardians.

Another person that voiced his concern is the Amy Cohen, a child psychiatrist based in California alleged to havetraveled to a Detention Centre in Texas because it had come to her attention that the State was torturing young children.

The organizers of the rally said that 30.000 demonstrators camped at the view of the Statehouse although the president was not there to witness. Trump was having this weekend time at his land in Bedminster where he might perform state duties such as meeting the nominee for the vacated position of Supreme Court among other businesses.

The journalist present estimated that the population of the protesters stretched for several miles with placards bearing messages such as “Yes to Immigrant, No to Trump + GOP” and other poking fun at the jacket which Melanie wore with words on it written that ‘’ “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?’’ On the contrary, the protesters painted theirs which resembled the one worn by the first lady as “I CARE WHY DON’T U.”Some Democrat lawmakers such as Jayapal attended the rally. The celebrities were also not left behind with Grammy award winner Alicia keys present and creator of Hamilton” also present.

The issue of separation families came into the limelighta few weeks ago when journalists flocked to the border and came with disturbing images and stories of children held in a cage. ProPublica published audio on July 18 of wailing children in detention facilities a fact that led to public outrage.

It is notable that in May the attorney general announced the initiative by the government to have zero tolerance policy on immigration. Despite that announcement, Kirstjen Nielsen who is the Homeland Security Secretary argued that the Whitehouse did not have such a Policy and castigated the media for what he termed as misreporting of the issue. The president would later come out and falsely blame the Democrats for the trouble which was solely his administration fault. After pressure, the president would bow down and write an executive order to end the practice.