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Marcus Matthews, AKA Rapper Big Kidd, Lands $1 Million Music Deal, Report Says

Marcus Matthews (Big Kidd) photographed in Brisbane, Australia – 2020

The 23-year-old rapper from Perth, Australia reportedly signed a $1 million songwriting/co-publishing deal with an unknown source, according to reports.

Matthews, who is also known as Big Kidd to fans, will receive a $350,000 advance and then two installments of $325,000 each when “he hits profit proceeds,” a source reported, noting that the deal was signed December 24th.

Along with the deal, Matthews announced that he has raised his performance earnings, revealing that he now charges $25,000 AUD to $52,000 AUD for shows.

The reason why these types of deals are ordinary is that record companies want to keep the most prominent artists in the music industry under their denomination.
The 23-year-old rapper remains one of hip-hop’s most bankable stars.

Big Kidd has positioned himself as one of Australia’s hottest young acts, thanks to a string of singles including ‘Talkin’ Tuff’ ‘I Don’t Trust’ ‘They Don’t Understand’ and his verse on ‘BodyBag’ collaborated with another Australian performer.

There are no lies in his music, the settings that he describes sound like recollections, reliving the times that have passed or things that he’s prepared to do. Genuine is the word that has been used most when Matthews name is referenced.

His next announced EP would be the latest entry to his musical series. Little is known about the project, but he has shared some snippets of songs through his social media.