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4 Important Management Tips All Entrepreneurs Should Know, According to Bhawna Patkar, Ziphawk CEO

As an entrepreneur, you’ll likely need to build a team that you can rely on to understand your vision for company success. This team will be responsible for the daily functions of your company, ranging from sales and marketing activities to new product development and finance functions. Consider these 4 tips from Bhawna Patkar on building the team.

Each team member will have their own skills and experience that they bring to the table that can make or break your business.

1. Be Able to Articulate Your Vision

If your team doesn’t understand the end goal of your company, they’re likely to go in all different directions in an attempt to run the business.

Establish what your company’s mission and values are, and sit your team down in a meeting to describe them. A great way to do this is to establish goals that meet the overall vision for the company and how each department plays a role in meeting those goals.

For example, if you want to expand your company to a new market abroad, your sales team could be responsible for developing an appropriate marketing strategy for the market, while your finance team can ensure that the appropriate tools are in place to meet the compliance requirements for operating in a new jurisdiction.

2. Ask for Input

Part of the fun of running a new company is that there are a lot of opportunities to seek business success. Ask your team for input on running the business and for ideas that can help grow the company.

Make this a regular occurrence by holding monthly meetings designed exclusively for brainstorming. When team members feel that they have a part in company growth and expansion, they are more likely to invest time and energy to see it succeed.

3. Implement New Ideas

If your team expresses ideas that have the potential to expand the business or help it in some other way, make sure to implement them. This approach gives team members a feeling of appreciation, and they are more likely to suggest other ideas in the future.

Track the performance of implemented ideas over time to see how successful they are. If you are able to, reward your employees either financially or through some other benefit for their suggestions.

4. Remain Curious

Learning should be a continuous process, not something that stops at a certain point in time. Keep your curiosity by staying current on new trends that can potentially impact your business.

Listen to podcasts, enroll in new opportunities for learning, stay on top of the news within your industry, and network with other entrepreneurs. There are always new ways to enhance your intellect, and taking advantage of them can help you identify potential opportunities for your company.

Who Is Bhawna Patkar?

Bhawna Patkar, CEO of Ziphawk, Inc., has spent the past decade as an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Her strong leadership skills and dedication to her companies have led to numerous successes in her business and personal life.