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Mami Mogul Worldwide Founder Buni Milani is Having a Fantastic Year

When it comes to unique artists, Buni Milani is high on the list. She is witty, persistent and flat out talented. She stands out amongst the giants in her industry and it won’t be long before she is considered one herself. Being the only person on her team isn’t an easy feat, but she makes it look effortless due to her patience and grace.

Milani has recently charted on the UK iTunes charts making her one of the only artists to have all of their available music chart on the platform. This particular accomplishment is said to have made Milani very happy. “I love every song that I make, and it feels good to see them chart next to some of the biggest artists in the world”, the musician said in a statement.

Buni Milani is said to be completely hands on with her work, opting to shoot and edit her own content to make sure her visions are brought to life correctly. She also taught herself how to mix and master music for the same purpose. Youtube has been a huge part in helping Milani find seasoned engineers to learn from.

Although the singer is 100% in charge of her career, that is seen as a luxury even to artists who have been in the industry for a decade. Milani is free creatively, which many believe is one of the reasons for her success. Another reason for her success is the fact that she started small, allowing herself to learn at a decent pace with minimal stress.

Aside from competing at a high level in the music industry, the founder is also in charge of multiple brands, and she is already making waves with her signature use of bright colors over a clean background. Some of her influence can be seen throughout the industry, which translates to great progress for the ‘JUICY’ singer.

Currently, our songstress is recording her second album, ‘JUICY 2’, and will soon release a preview for the world. The new album can be described to have extremely cool songs that are sure to put you in a pleasant mood. Milani’s music has always been inspired by past lovers, and it has allowed her to thrive in her own niche. While making new worldwide fans daily, the singer see’s her music and books as a way for fans to get to know her as a friend would. She wants to build genuine bonds with them.

Being grateful for everything that she has accomplished in life, Milani makes sure she gives back by donating and giving advice to anyone who needs it. She has plans to start her own charity focused on helping children.