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Making the Planet a Better Place With The Gift Economy

“Have you heard about the Buy Nothing Project? I am sure some of you have, and I am very thankful for it. The BNP is a gift economy network where you give freely and ask freely. The best part of this project is that we get not just free things; we connect with our community which provides us with a sense of belonging.

Rebecca and Liesl created the Buy Nothing Project to use less plastic and to care for our mother Earth by encouraging each of us to Buy Less and share more. The Buy Nothing is about “Give. Ask. Gratitude. The Project is the world’s biggest gift economy, being used in communities around the world, allowing neighbors to share freely with one another” (BNProject).

Buy Nothing Project

I started being an administrator for my neighborhood group back in 2018 when I was pregnant with my daughter. I didn’t want to buy things I would use for a short period of time. I also could not spend much money due to being a full-time mom, and I was amazed by all the help I got.

Buy Nothing Project

One of the best memories I had in the group was when I couldn’t make my teen son’s birthday special, and I received an overwhelming response from people offering him things. The other most recent one is when I forgot my laundry in my building and went out of town, and an exceptional neighbor I met in the group went to my building, grabbed my laundry, dried it, folded it, and saved it for me. They went far and beyond what I expected.

Buy Nothing Project

I am so grateful that you are making this planet a better place. The Buy Nothing Project is more than receiving or giving material items; it is about making friends and caring about our mother earth.”

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