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The 3 Main Types Of Plantation Shutters To Give Your Home Its Own Signature Style

When it comes to giving your home it’s outward beautiful aesthetic, you would be hard pressed to skip past plantation shutters. The styles and various designs that are out there at the moment are turning heads for all the right reasons, and there has never been a better time for people who like to tailor and customise every facet of their home’s outward appearance.

While many people are diversifying their decorative flairs these days, there is still room for the timeless classics – and plantation shutters certainly befit that category with ease.

For people who are looking to spruce up their place with a timeless and elegant solution – the following three types of plantation shutters will certainly fit the bill nicely.

The Three Superior Materials Used In Modern Plantation Shutters

1. PVC

PVC Plantation Shutters are among the most popular choice for utility and feature-filled goodness. The durability and overall sturdy build of this material has lent it to be considered the workhorse of the industry.

From top-tier moisture resistance to being wildly customisable in terms of colour and thickness, their general flexibility allows them to be used in moisture-prone areas of the home such as a busy kitchen or steamy bathroom without the worry of degrading over time.

Their general affordability in comparison to the other options have also led this material to be dominant in the shutters industry and allows more households to give their entire home a flowing aesthetic theme that has caught on like wildfire.

2. Aluminium

Aluminium Plantation Shutters are a more robust and sturdy entry in this listicle with a durability and overall tensile profile that will make any homeowner smile in safety. It has many functionalities besides being unbelievably sturdy and satisfying for the minimalist enthusiast.

For instance, the incessant weather resistance that is naturally occurring in the metal allows it to be perfectly suitable for those in regions of extreme changes in weather patterns that Australia is known for. Withstanding the bitter cold evenings and sweltering hot days with minimal change.

With metallic colours and palates being a very modernised aesthetic – there’s no wonder that this style of material is being touted as being the next major step for home innovators to give their exterior and interior a unique flair.

3. Timber

We cannot discuss the classic appeal of plantation shutters without mentioning the original material and timeless style – timber. While wood has gotten a bad wrap in recent years, if looked after with the proper level of care, it can truly make a huge difference and have a longevity that befits the price tag.

The natural finished and subtle hues that can be wholly unique to your setup, and the range of different timbers that can be utilised allows for a more natural customisation based on your own preference.

While expensive, there’s no greater feeling than coming home and seeing the front windows encased with a beautifully natural and earthy tone that espouses class, beauty, and homeliness like no other.