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Magnetic Lash Tile Creator Shanari Aceituno, Founder of Purli.Co

The world never met an Purli.Co product they didn’t love, and that’s true for the brand’s latest launch: Magna , A magnetic lash tile.

If you are a novice or master lash artist, Purli.Co highly anticipated invention is taking the Eye-Lash Industry by storm.

This highly innovative tile ensure to provide automated tweezer protection. Say bye bye to bent and broken tweezers. This seamless  palette is equipped with a matte finish for  visibly clear applications, a cover to shield your lashes, along with magnets to prevent any tweezers from falling again. “Once you go MAGNA, you never go BACKA!” Not only is it this most protective casing for lash application but it’s available in multiple colors for creative lash styles.

Magna was created to assist

Lash Artist with work time and space. Allowing your tweezers to be placed near during application will not only help to expedite the process; but, also the magnets will prevent any damages to the essential application tools. A product based on efficiency was the goal and indeed we achieved it.